Israel and Switzerland with smallpox cases and Spain approves rules to avoid contagion – Observer

Israel and Switzerland join countries with monkeypox cases as contagions rise in Spain led authorities to approve a protocol to be adopted by infected people and close contacts.

In the United States, New York authorities have announced that a resident of the city has tested positive for the Monkeypox virus, is in isolation at home and is awaiting a second confirmation from the Centers for Disease Control.

This New York case comes after Massachusetts health officials confirmed their first case of monkeypox on May 18.

US President Joe Biden spoke on the subject for the first time today, on the sidelines of his Asian tour, saying the impact of the spread of smallpox could be “substantial”.


Biden said he had not yet been fully briefed by US health officials on the US “level of exposure” to this virus, but felt that “it’s something everyone should be aware of. concern”, because “if it spread, it would be substantial”. the impact.

Israeli authorities said they detected the first case of smallpox in a man who returned from a Western European country and said they were investigating other suspected cases.

Israel’s Health Ministry said the man was admitted to a Tel Aviv hospital on Saturday with mild symptoms, and urged anyone returning from abroad with a fever and broken skin to seek medical attention. .

Switzerland also reported the first case of smallpox detected in the country in a human being and indicated that the infected person is followed in an outpatient clinic and is isolated at home.

This person lives in the canton of Bern, but was exposed to the virus abroad, announced the Health Directorate of the canton of Bern, specifying that the suspicions appeared on Friday and that laboratory tests confirmed the suspicion on Saturday after -noon.

Contact tracing has been carried out to identify possible chains of transmission, and all contacts have been notified, cantonal authorities said in a statement.

In Spain, the Ministry of Health and communities agreed on Saturday the protocol to be followed for people infected with the monkeypox virus (Monkeypox), which includes the use of a mask, the isolation of infected people and that their contacts be reduced as much as possible. possible social interactions, while suspected cases increase, mainly in the Community of Madrid.

In Spain, there have already been at least 30 cases confirmed by PCR test, all in the Community of Madrid and linked to a sauna in the city which has since been closed, while suspected cases are increasing across the country, with a focus on the capital, Madrid, where 15 to 39 suspected cases.

In addition to the Community of Madrid, six other Spanish regions are monitoring possible cases.

The World Health Organization has confirmed about 80 cases worldwide and about 50 suspected cases of Monkeypox virus infection.

The disease has been detected in the last ten days in at least 12 countries, including Portugal (23 cases according to the Directorate General of Health), Spain, France, Germany, Great Britain, the United States , Sweden and now Israel and Switzerland.

Smallpox is a rare disease whose pathogen can be transmitted from animals to humans and vice versa.

Its symptoms resemble, to a lesser extent, those observed in the past in people with smallpox: fever, headache, muscle aches, back pain, for the first five days. Then rashes, lesions, pustules and finally scabs.

There is no cure for smallpox, which usually heals on its own and symptoms last 14 to 21 days.

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