“It’s a laundry room…”

Cristina and Luís’ first week was marked by a strong dispute. During the commitment ceremony, the candidates of “Married at first sight” had a lively discussion.

Cristina and Luís’ honeymoon “started peacefully”, assured the candidate “Married at first sight” to the experts during the commitment ceremony this Sunday, May 15.

On the third day we had an issue that came up that we disagreed on. Opinions were markedly different and from then on it was a disaster.he added, explaining that it all started when they talked about family lunches, in which Cristina does not have appointments, while the groom’s family has fixed hours.

During the discussion, Luís pointed the finger and the contestant of “Married at first sight” did not like. “Then a finger appeared. An authoritative and obligatory finger“, he warned. “At that moment I felt like a very rigid person, here is an authoritarian“, he let go.

Luís insisted on explaining:Regarding the finger, I would like to say the following. It’s true that I’m talking to you and pointing my finger. I’m 60 and no one ever told me they felt threatened because I was pointing. If Cristina has had any experience in her life, so far, that my pointing the finger at her caused her inconvenience or that she suffered, she should have just said “Oh Luís, don’t that, because it reminds me of things that I didn’t want to do.“.

Afterwards, Cristina encouraged Luís to tell what had happened during their honeymoon.

I would like you to have the courage to say here what you said to me that morning in the bedroom. Luís was rude to me, he was rude to me, he pointed two fingers at me and said “if you tell anyone I said that, I’ll say it’s a lie” . And I felt that I shouldn’t talk to Luís without being with other people, ”cristina shot.

I was sitting on the couch and he said terrible things to me. He said, ‘you’re a trained person, but you’re mean as hell’. ‘I married you but you have nothing to do with the woman I thought they might put me in front of, for me to be here with you now you’re gonna have to prove a lot to me“, revealed.

It’s all a lie!“, assured the competitor of”Married at first sight“.

The other colleagues were shocked by the exchange of accusations between the couple. “I’m shocked because it’s a detergent that we did not expect“Doina confessed.

Later, Cristina confided: “I would like Luís to at least accept what he has done. It made me feel really bad and there was no good reason for it.

Diana Chaves and the experts wanted to know the couple’s decision for the next week.

Luis decided to “stay” in “Married at First Sight”, while Christina chose to “leave” the social experiment. The contestant asked for the experts’ opinion: “Do you think there is anything you can do to help me stay?” “. “I’m available. There’s one thing I’m sure of, I wouldn’t want to leave here bored with Luís,” she confessed.

Cristina gave the relationship another chance. “I hope in the next few days to be with Luís in a calm way and to have the opportunity to speak calmly,” Cristina said alone. “I like great challenges and I like Cristina”, emphasizes Luís

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