Johnny Depp could get his role in Pirates of the Caribbean back

The executive producer of the films “Pirates of the Caribbean“, Jerry Bruckheimerhas broken silence on speculation that Johnny Depp could finally reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in a new saga of the hit movie.

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Bruckheimer left the actor’s fans pretty excited with his response:

“Not now, but the future remains to be decided,” he added of the actor who is facing a defamation lawsuit with his ex Amber Heard.

The 78-year-old filmmaker raised the possibility of Depp returning in an interview with The Sunday Times, acknowledging that there are two storylines in development at the moment: one with a new lead, this time female, with Margot Robbie, and another, possibly with Johnny Depp.

“We are developing two ‘Pirates’ scripts. One with her, one without her,” he said.

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Despite the producer’s response, Depp said in one of his statements that he would never work with Disney again, for the way the company treated him.

“Nothing in the world would make me go back and work with Disney on a Pirates of the Caribbean movie,” he said in court.

Depp lost a $22.5 million deal for a sixth “Pirates” movie after Amber Heard accused him of domestic violence.

With the continuation of the lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heardactress’ defense witnesses are called to testify on her behalf in the actor’s lawsuit against her, accusing her of ending her career after she published an essay in The Washington Post talking about have been the victim of domestic violence.

Among these witnesses, one of the most important was Tracey Jacobs, a former security guard. deppwho she says has been “the biggest star in the world” for the three decades she has cared for her career, and according to her, the downfall of her career was exclusively the actor’s fault.

Through a video shown in court, in which the agent appears next to a Disney producer, it was Johnny’s behind-the-scenes attitudes that caused him to be frowned upon in Hollywood, such as the continued delays and the suspicion that the star could stay sober to work. .

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“At first the teams loved him,” she said. “Production crews don’t like to wait hours and hours for the star to show up,” he explained.

Over time, it became apparent that he had alcohol and drug problems. This resulted in more erratic behavior. It’s a small community and that made people reluctant to approach him.

Johnny Depp’s behavior on set reportedly made him look bad (Picture: Reproduction/Instagram @disneypirates)


Josh Mandel, another former agent for the actor, reported that Johnny Depp approached the agency to borrow $20 million in January 2016, and even reluctantly they could have helped him get a loan from Bank of America .

Yet he would spend $300,000 a month on full-time staff and an additional $100,000 a month on a doctor and nurses to ensure his sobriety. Talks to reduce the costs would have taken place, but without success.

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Both Mendel and Jacobs were fired in 2016. The former even sued him, but reached a settlement in 2018. On the reasons for the dismissal, Tracey pointed out, “I really don’t know. All I know is he’s broken up with just about everyone in his life.

Johnny Depp in court, trial
Johnny Depp’s former agents testified against him in court (Photo: Playback/YouTube)

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