Johnny Depp’s Bad Habits Ruined His Hollywood Reputation, Says Former Agent

Absences, delays and addictions ruined Johnny Depp’s Hollywood career even before ex-wife Amber Heard’s domestic abuse allegations were made public, former members of his team in the lawsuit said on Thursday. in defamation where the two actors clash.

Tracy Jacobs represented Depp for 30 years, until she was fired in 2016 when he claimed he was one of the people who harmed her interests in a lawsuit against her former revenue managers .

“All I know is that he pushed away just about everyone in his life, so I guess I accepted,” he said in recorded deposition, the first woman to become a member of the board of directors of a large talent agency. and who remains one of the biggest names in his profession in Hollywood.

The agent testified that Depp at one point became “the biggest star in the world” and was “extraordinarily talented”, but has seen his behavior over the past ten years become increasingly problematic.

Tracy Jacobs explained that the crews involved in filming the movies liked the actor, but not the “hours and hours of waiting for the star of the movie” part.

“It also spread all over the city. I mean, people say it’s a small community and that made people reluctant to use it towards the end. [quando a carreira em Hollywood parou com as acusações de Amber Heard]”, he added.

Testimony of Tracy Jacobs

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Testimony of Tracy Jacobs

Jurors were told that Depp’s star value had faded “because it became increasingly difficult to find him jobs thanks to the reputation he gained from delays and… d ‘other stuff”.

It was the agent who must have tried to repair the damage: “They yelled at me. I never told him ‘You are a complicated customer’, but I was very honest with him and I said ‘You have to stop doing this, it’s hurting you’… and hurting”.

During the filming of “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” (2017), the fifth and final film in the saga, she says she had to travel to Australia to speak to the actor “about delays and absences”. of filming. . And he said he believed his lack of professionalism was caused by the rise in drug and alcohol use.

The jurors also saw video testimony from Joel Mandel, a former business manager at Depp.

He and his brother were sued by the actor in 2017, who accused them of mismanaging their money, making loans without their permission and hiding the deterioration of their finances, causing almost everything they collected to disappear : $650 million (both parties reached a confidential out-of-court settlement in 2018, before the case went to trial).

Joel Mandel testified that the actor became “less restrained” over the years, spent thousands of dollars on prescription drugs and the expenses became “alarming” after 2011. He also “stopped caring.” care” if he got angry or attacked people. .

The star’s former manager also reiterated allegations that working with the actor had become difficult and his career was on the wane.

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