Kiki Lemos Hoff celebrates her birthday with a lively lunch with friends

It’s not every day that four decades of life are celebrated and therefore the date deserves to be very well celebrated alongside those you love. According to this principle, the architect Cristiane Lemos Hoff — better known as Kiki — celebrated his 40th birthday in the company of great friends over a delicious lunch. The fun afternoon unfolded against a backdrop of Hotel Grand Mercure and it happened last Friday (13/5).

In chat with Chronicle of Claudia Meireles, Kiki said one of her wishes was for the party to be “very fun.” During the spirited celebration, she stressed that “expectations were exceeded.” “I had a lot of fun being a birthday boy. My closest friends are here. It was more than I expected. I wanted a lot of fun and joy,” the architect shares.

Kiki Lemos Hoff
The birthday girl between her stepmother, Marisa Hoff, and her mother, Eliete Lemos

At first, Kiki was going to orchestrate a big party to celebrate her 40th birthday. However, she had a scare for a month and a half. The architect’s husband Renato Alexandre Hoff, suffered a heart attack. “I gave up. I wouldn’t do anything else out of respect for everything he and we are going through,” he points out. With the situation improving, the husband encouraged his beloved wife not to not let the date go unnoticed.

“He [Renato Alexandre] even encouraged me to do something and celebrate with my friends, and I decided to make this lunch,” she reveals.

While the DJ Bola ordered the microphonesKiki and her friends danced, sang, hugged, took selfies and grilled countless times.

It’s time to toast the life of the birthday girl
Friends around the birthday girl
decoration and delicacies

with the signature of Fabi Gattai, the decoration with floral arrangements of different styles and colors gave even more life to the environment. Roses, orchids, tulips, among other flowers embellished the furniture and the cake table. The sweet delicacy led to the preparation of the chef Carol Borges, from the Unique Palace buffet. she made a naked cake in red velvet with fresh red fruits. The whim impressed the birthday girl.


The guests were able to taste the dishes created by Chef Nilson Favacho. He is one of the managers of the Capim Dourado restaurant, located in the Hotel Grand Mercure. The preparation expert created the menu especially for the occasion. Green leaf salad, breads, cold cuts and pastas were part of the antipasto table. As a main course, the yellow hake moqueca, the main course of the gastronomic house, made everyone present sigh with the diversity of flavors.

“Let happiness become routine”, wore a sign placed as an object of decoration.


Check out the animated birthday clicks:

Kiki Lemos Hoff
Daniella Hoff and Kiki Lemos Hoff
Kiki Lemos Hoff and Manuela Yahya
Kiki Lemos Hoff and Claudia Meireles
Alitta Guimaraes, Kiki Lemos Hoff and Gabriela Baracat
Doris Hoff, Kiki Lemos Hoff and Fabiana Hoff
Mariana Juca, Alitta Guimaraes, Viviane Pierre and Izabel Arrais
Fernanda Albuquerque, Kiki Lemos Hoff and Caroline Campos
Maria Paula Leite, Claudia Meireles and Manuela Yahya
Fabiana Hoff and Kiki Lemos Hoff
Paula Habli, Kiki Lemos Hoff and Andrea Oliveira
Daniella Hoff and Manuela Yahya
Clara Pavaneli, Kiki Lemos Hoff and Juliana Quagliotti
Caroline Borges, Kiki Lemos Hoff and Lilian Valadares
Gabriela Baracat, Mariana Juca, Clarissa Lara and Manuela Yahya
Alitta Guimaraes, Daniella Hoff, Gabriela Baracat and Manuela Yahya
Kiki and her friends made a toast several times
The birthday girl danced a lot
Friends danced a lot
the pleasure did not fail
dj ball
Kiki Lemos Hoff and Kalinca Seated
Patricia Pohl and Marcele Castro
Caroline Borges and Kiki
Izabel Arrais
Lilian Valadares and Camila Abrantes
Fernanda Albuquerque and Caroline Campos
Kiki, Gabriela Braga and Manuela Yahya
Andrea Oliveira, Viviane Pierre, Kiki Lemos Hoff and Bruna Resende
Fabiana Hoff and Patricia Pohl
Kiki Lemos Hoff and Patricia Aragão
Kalinca Assis, Kiki Lemos Hoff, Patrícia Aragão and Manuela Yahya
Daniele Drummond
Alice Gramelisch and Aline Cruz
The guests took the opportunity to take selfies
Kiki with the guests

A service
Space: Grand Mercure Hotel
Buffet: chef Nilson Favacho, from the Grand Mercure Hotel
Decoration: Studio Fabi Gattai
Cake: chief Carol Borges, from the One Palace
Candy: Marie-Amelie
Pub: Rodrigo Drinks

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