Lena Headey sued for cutting her appearance on ‘Thor 4’

Actress Lena Headey could suffer a big loss due to a treat for allegedly unpaid commissions for various projects, including “Thor: Love and Thunder“.

The information comes from Varietyindicating that Headey is being sued for $1 million by her former UK agency Troika, which was renamed YMU in 2020. YMU claims the actress owes the agency at least $500,000, which equates to 7% of your payments for the Marvel movie.


Lena Headey made a guest appearance in “Thor: Love and Thunder,” which didn’t make the final cut for the film, which opens next week with Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman, according to Variety.

The magazine points out that legal documents indicate that Headey joined the Troika in 2005, following his personal representative, Michael Duff, who is one of the founders of the agency. In 2017 the company merged with a group and in 2018 it was acquired by a private company. Duff and Headey left the agency in the first months of 2020.

However, YMU (former Troika) claims that under the terms of the agreement signed with Headey, they still have commission rights on projects like “Thor: Love and Thunder” from “The Runaway” – another film from the actress released this year. , and the Showtime comedy-drama series “Rita.” In the latter, the actress was to play the protagonist, but the series did not go beyond the pilot episode.

On the other hand, Headey claims that he never signed a contract with the Troika or with Duff, and that the parties acted through verbal agreements signed in the late 1990s between the actress and her representing. Moreover, she points out that the Troika was never the only agency of Headey, who is represented by the CAA in the United States.

Thus, Headey denies that the Troika has any power to solicit the commission for “Thor: Love and Thunder,” a project she claims she entered after director Taika Waititi approached her directly, nor for “On the Run.” “, which would not have been negotiated by either the troika or Duff. In the case of “Rita,” the actress says she received $325,000 for the pilot episode, and that Troika has already been paid more than that amount, which is not what the agency claims since ” no further episodes are planned.” ”

Other participations

In addition to Headey, we know of two other actors who shot cameos for “Thor: Love and Thunder” who didn’t make the final cut. And one of them is well known to Lena Headey, after all he played Tyrion, the brother of her character Cersei Lannister, in the series of HBO “Game of Thrones”.

Actor Christian Bale, who plays the villain in the movie Gorr, said in an interview with Prensaescenario that he filmed with Peter Dinklage and Jeff Goldblum, but his scenes were left out of the final version of ‘Thor 4’. after the assembly process.

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“I was able to work with Peter. He’s not in the final version of the film, but it was fantastic. I also worked with Jeff, and he was also edited. As you can see, a lot of people end up being kicked out of the movie, even though it’s beautiful and brilliant scenes,” he said.

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ hits theaters movie theater July 7.

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