Linktree includes unique NFT features on the platform

Linktree, service for building custom pages with shortcuts, has released a new feature that frees the integration of non-fungible tokens, the NFT, On the platform. In fact, there are three new features aimed at digital art collectors.

Linktree includes NFT functionality on the platform. (Disclosure / Link Tree)

The novelty also offers the possibility of increasing the pages which, until then, only contained addresses to social network profiles, websites and other destinations. The objective is to allow the creation of a digital identity, in addition to building new communities. The features were developed in partnership with OpenSea, the NFT marketplace.

What’s new in NFT on Linktree

Linktree’s first novelty in this sense is the NFT Gallery, which will allow the display of non-fungible tokens obtained through OpenSea. Thus, any user who accesses a page like this on Linktree will be able to see the collection of NFTs.

The second alternative is to add NFTs as profile picture or background for custom pages. The mechanism has already been implemented by the paid version of Twitter and is in the test phase on Instagram.


Another novelty is the NFT Lock, which consists of inserting “closed” links that can only be unlocked by the owner of a token or, at least, of part of it.

The intent is that content creators can unlock perks through the Linktree page, as well as perks or other exclusives for anyone who logs into the digital wallet and proves they own part of the collection.

Linktree clarifies the inclusion of NFTs

According to the company’s information on its blog, the motivation behind the launch is that “NFTs represent the first step in solving some of the many problems that creators face, such as the commodification of digital content and the dependence on creators versus platforms”.

Linktree also believes in the helping power of NFTs to move away from centralized platforms to view digital content as an investment, not just a commodity.

The new features were released amid other digital giants’ constant search to add NFTs to their respective platforms. One example is Spotify, which recently announced testing of a new feature that allows NFTs to be promoted in profiles.

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