Marítimo is included in the category of national champions – Marítimo

Marítimo assured this Thursday that he continues to be part of the category of national champions, despite the decision of the General Assembly of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) to maintain the current count of titles in the league and in the Portuguese Cup .

“Club Sport Marítimo, in any case, had already underlined its irreducible position: regardless of commissions, opinions and votes, we are Champions of Portugal”, reads the press release published by the ‘verde-rubros ‘ on their official website. on the Internet.

The emblem, which assumes itself as a national football champion, for having won the Portuguese championship in 1926, “regrets the loss of time and resources, the only conclusion to be drawn from the magna meeting of the Portuguese Football Federation “, stressing that the country “has been looking forward to this opportunity to make history.”

“It is not understandable the majority vote on a proposal that keeps everything as it was, after investing in academic advice and abundant FPF discussions,” reads the memo signed by President Rui Fontes.

During the Extraordinary General Assembly of the FPF, held on Wednesday, the majority of the delegates (33) of this unifying social body opposed the recount of the titles, thus rejecting the three opinions which had been put to the vote, including the one are presented by Sporting.

Of the remaining delegates and partners, 13 voted in favor of the first opinion, eight voted in favor of the third and only one voted for the second opinion.

The first opinion submitted to the vote maintained that the winners of the Portuguese Championship between 1921/22 and 1933/34, and of the League Championship, played at the same time, on an experimental basis, between 1934 and 1938, should be declared national champions, while the winners of the Portuguese Championship between 1934/35 and 1937/38 would be crowned winners of the Portuguese Cup.

The second identified the Campeonato de Portugal as the predecessor of the Taça de Portugal, which began to be played in 1938/39, and the Campeonato da Liga as the counterpart to the national championship.

The proposal presented by Sporting, which won the Portuguese championship in 1922/23, 1933/34, 1935/36 and 1937/38, defended the recognition of these titles as national champions.

This competition has also been won four times by FC Porto (1921/22, 1924.25, 1931/32 2 1936/37), three by Benfica (1929/30, 1930/31 and 1934/35) and by Belenenses (1926/ 27, 1928/29 and 1932/33) and one for Olhanense (1923/24), Marítimo (1925/26) and Carcavelinhos (1927/28).

The La Liga, or Experimental League, championship has been won by Benfica three times (1935/36, 1936/37 and 1937/38), after FC Porto won it in their first year (1934/35) .

On January 19, 2019, the question was debated in the Assembly of the Republic (AR), the various parliamentary groups considering that the recognition of the editions of the Portuguese Championship held between 1922 and 1938 falls, given its specificity, from the competence of the FPF

The subject was raised in plenary session at the AR in the form of a petition brought by Alexandre Silva Almeida, to the 4,470 subscribers, who wanted to see the 17 editions of the Portuguese Championship recognized as national champions.



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