‘Me Before You’ Fans Will Love Netflix’s New Romance

Fans of ‘Me Before You’ will love the new movie hitting Netflix in the next few days. The film A second chance to love, starring Emilia Clarke is set to make its streaming debut on May 17.

Of course, the comparisons between the two films are very superficial, and the presence of the actress in the two productions can be limited. While How I Was Before You focuses on drama, on A second chance to love, we see a romantic comedy. To top it off, it takes place in a period close to Christmas.

Released in 2019, the feature film is directed by Paul Feig. On the face of it, the movie is for those who aren’t asking for much and are just looking for another unassuming comedy. Of course, the performances of the main couple and the well-crafted plot make the film a good pastime.

if you still don’t know A second chance to lovehere’s what we know.

the plot of A second chance to love

The film A Second Chance at Love revolves around Kate, a young woman who has undergone heart surgery. However, he is currently living without visiting his parents, permanent residence or even a romantic relationship. Her love life is all about meeting guys and spending a no frills night with them.

Even her boss, Noel, often opines on Kate’s unruly life. After all, she drinks carelessly. Her mother, Petra, was also tired of giving unrequited advice. Also, calls all day with no answer.

One day, Kate meets Tom. On the other hand, she does not like him, because he has an atypical way. Tom lives by looking at the smallest things, volunteers to help the homeless, and also tries to give advice to Kate. In other words, anything Kate doesn’t do.

These meetings are frequent and Kate falls in love with them to the point of gradually changing her position in relation to her parents, to life, to people.

A second chance to love premieres May 17.

The cast: Who is in the film?

As we mentioned earlier, Emilia Clarke stars in the film. The actress became widely known for starring in Game of Thrones and succeeding in How I Was Before You. After the end of the HBO series, the actress has bet on several romantic comedies in her career.

Henry Golding plays Tom, the young man who relates to Clarke’s character. In recent years, Golding has risen in Hollywood with similar comedies. First, the actor was in Crazy Rich Asians, opposite Constance Wu, and later, in Anna Kendrick’s thriller, A Small Favor.

the cast of A second chance to love, still has names like Michelle Yeoh, Emma Thompson, Lydia Leonard, Boris Isaković and Rebecca Root.

What the critics thought A second chance to love?

Because it’s an unassuming romantic comedy, we know that critics weren’t in favor of the film. As much as it has a capable cast and a well-rounded, albeit clichéd, story, critics rarely give romantic comedy films a favorable opinion.

This becomes clear when one consults the rating given by the critics in the rotten tomatoes. On the portal, the consensus, based on around 210 reviews, gave the film around 47 approval ratings. The critical consensus said:

“Friendly executives, incredible behind-the-scenes talent, and an intriguing musical hook aren’t enough to save the film from its ill-conceived story.”

Image: Disclosure/Netflix

On the other hand, fans liked what they saw in A second chance to love. Based on over 5,000 reviews, viewers gave the film an 81% approval rating. One user defined their opinion as follows:

“I loved this movie with a surprising ending. Emilies’ character is a redeemable but lovable mess, and Henry Goldings’ character is magical. Both just brighten the screen.

Either way, we recommend watching A second chance to love, to draw their own conclusions. Check out a trailer:

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