Mercado Libre and Disney+: it’s worth it

Two years after Amazon launched the main service in Brazil, which included transportation benefits, access to a Diffusion and other perks, it was now Mercado Livre’s turn to announce the company’s new subscription program with discounts on product deliveries and access to Disney+ and Star+ with prices starting at R$13.90.

The amount to pay to access the content depends on whether you are a regular customer of Mercado Livre and Mercado Pago. With the new partnership announced, it is possible to save between R$ 4 and R$ 45.90 – the original value of the combo.

On Amazon, from R$9.90 per month. it is possible to have discounts or free delivery on the delivery of products and access to the catalog of movies and series, music, books and games. Compare the strengths of the two services below.

Is it worth getting into these packages?

But are all these packages worth it? Finance specialist and professor at IBMEC/RJ Ana Beatriz Mello welcomes the combination of different services and guides the consumer to decide according to their needs.

“All subscriptions of this type are linked to your use of them. The first point is whether the subscription is useful. In this period of increased online shopping, I find the advantages offered to reduce transport costs very interesting. the same as the product. So that’s a very good idea. Amazon is a pioneer in this area and now we have the arrival of Mercado Livre.

The teacher also insists on the importance of carefully analyzing the signatures before committing to payments. “Sometimes we are attracted to the facility that we are not using.”

Thoroughly analyze each service

For Gilvan Bueno Costa, member of the finance committee of the Rio de Janeiro regional board, an individual analysis of each department is important. According to him, there are basically three important points that need to be assessed: income, consumption and content.

“From a revenue perspective, Mercado Livre appears sensational to those who have started to use the channel more to buy and sell and are now able to link streaming services. From a consumption perspective, this fits in your pocket, it’s Amazon Prime for R$9.90,” Bueno assesses.

Compare the main highlights of the two companies:

Free market

Subscription, with Disney+ and Star+ streaming, free delivery and other benefits, from R$13.90 to R$41.70. The amount depends on the customer’s level of use on the Mercado Livre business platform (the more purchases you make, the more discounts you get).

The normal price of the Disney+ and Star+ combo is R$45.90. The economy quoted below is related to this combo:

Level 1

  • Subscription: 41.70 BRL
  • Savings: BRL4.20

Level 2

  • Subscription: BRL 38.90
  • Savings: 7 BRL

Level 3

  • Subscription: 33.36 BRL
  • Savings: BRL12.54

Level 4

  • Subscription: 19.46 BRL
  • Savings: BRL26.44

level 5

  • Subscription: 13.90 BRL
  • Savings: 32 BRL

level 6

  • Subscription: Free
  • Savings: BRL45.90

The subscription offers other advantages:

  • Free shipping on purchases over R$ 79
  • 45% off shipping for orders below this value
  • Up to 50% off HBO Max, Deezer and Paramount+ subscriptions
  • Discount of R$10 per month when paying with QR code in stores

Amazon Prime

With R$9.90 per month or R$89.90 per year, the subscriber has free access to five benefits.

  • Unlimited discounts or free delivery on products delivered by Amazon
  • Prime Video: watch online or download TV shows and movies
  • Prime Music: Over 2 million national and international songs, ad-free.
  • Prime Reading: e-books and magazines
  • Prime Gaming: online games.

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