Mercedes-Benz launched the new SL sports car

The new generation of the Mercedes SL, reborn as an AMG and canvas roof, reached the domestic market. It is a 2+2-seater roadster that uses all-wheel drive for the first time. The first versions available are the 55 4MATIC+ and 63 4MATIC+, both equipped with a 4.0-liter V8 engine developing 476 and 585 horsepower.

The eighth generation of the Mercedes-Benz SL (if we count the 300 SL Gullwing as the first) was presented at the Sociedade Comercial C. Santos, a dealership that until Friday exhibits all generations at the showroom in Maia-Airport. SL, in partnership with Mercedes-Benz Club Portugal.

Mercedes-AMG in Affalterbach developed the SL completely independently and sales started with models with an AMG 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine, one with 476 hp (Mercedes-AMG SL 55 4MATIC+) and the other 585 hp (Mercedes-AMG SL 63 4MATIC+). Later, the Mercedes-AMG SL 43 will arrive, a 381 hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder with electric turbo and rear-wheel drive.

The 55 4MATIC+ accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds, with a top speed of 295 km/h (average fuel consumption of 12.2 l/100 km and combined CO2 emissions of 277 g/km) , depending on the brand . The SL 63 4MATIC+ reaches 100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds, with a top speed of 315 km/h (average fuel consumption of 12.5 l/100 km and combined CO2 emissions of 282 g/km, Mercedes reference). Both engines have an AMG Speedshift MCT 9G nine-speed automatic transmission.

pendant lights

The SL 55 comes standard with an AMG Ride Control steel suspension with aluminum shock absorbers and lightweight coil springs and, for the first time, a production Mercedes-AMG model features a multi-link front axle, with five links. arranged entirely in the projection of the rim, which improves the kinematics. At the rear axle, a five-bar design controls the wheels.

An innovative AMG Active Ride Control suspension with active hydraulic anti-rollover stabilization makes its debut on the SL 63 4MATIC+. “The system enables optimum steering behavior and in varying load situations, with typical AMG driving characteristics in terms of dynamics, precision and responsiveness to the driver’s requirements. At the same time, it increases the comfort of driving in a straight line and on a rough road”, reveals the brand.

The SL introduces Active Rear Axle Steering. Depending on the speed, the rear wheels are steered to the opposite side (speed up to 100 km/h) or to the same side (speed over 100 km/h) as the front wheels.

Equipped with a trunk with a capacity of between 213 and 240 litres, sufficient for certain daily uses, the model has a fixed rear bench seat which offers space for two additional occupants up to 1.50 meters in height or , alternatively, as an additional seat , easily accessible storage space.

The suspended-effect 11.9-inch central screen can be electrically tilted from 12 to 32 degrees to prevent light reflections when the top is open. And the MBUX infotainment system (standard) offers a selection of several specific display styles and different modes.

The standard Airscarf increases in-flight comfort, as warm air flows into the cabin from the head restraint vents and wraps around the head and neck of the driver and front passenger.

historic model

The model’s history dates back to 1954, when the 300 SL (W 198) was launched, which was named Gullwing (Gullwing) due to its unusual doors. In 1999, a jury of automotive journalists voted for the model to be voted “Sports Car of the 20th Century”.

Other highlights of the model’s history include the “Pagoda” (W 113, 1963-1971), the R 107 (so-called Dallas), which was produced for 18 years (1971-1989). Its successor, the R 129, is also distinguished by its design.

“Mercedes-Benz Club Portugal is always ready to collaborate with the brand’s official dealers. It is with great satisfaction that we once again make our contribution to bridging the gap between the past, present and future of our brand,” the Mercedes chairman said. -Benz Club Portugal, Manuel Neves.

“One of the great capitals of automotive brands is their history. The SL is one of the most remarkable models in Mercedes-Benz and automotive history and the new generation has everything to continue this heritage. C “is excellent for the Sociedade Comercial C. Santos to be able, with the support of the Mercedes-Benz Club Portugal and some customers who have entrusted their cars to us, to bring together all generations”, says Aquiles Pinto, public relations manager of the Sociedade Commercial C. Santos.

The models already available start at €210,000 and €241,100, respectively in versions 55 and 63.

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