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  • 2022-05-14 22:10
  • Author: Solange Pinto

A bullfight took place this afternoon (Saturday), in Montijo, with a cartel made up of the riders Luís Rouxinol, Francisco Palha (replacing the rejoneador Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza) and Marcos Bastinhas and pies in charge of the Grupos de Forcados do Aposento of Barrete Verde of Alcochete, Tertúlia Tauromáquica of Montijo and Académicos of Coimbra.
The bullfight had about half a full house.

A Square by Bulls Amadeu Augusto dos Santos opened its doors for the first time this season to receive what was the first celebration promoted by the company Tertúlia Óbvia, in this bullfighting track.

A does not come from Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza announced yesterday, gave way to his replacement by the driver Francisco Palha. The box office will have felt ‘something’, leaving the shaded areas practically full, but the sun at half throttle…

The race was pleasant, being marked, in addition to the points that we will mention below, by the jump in the arena do anti-bullfighting Peter Janssenimmediately put out of bullfighting by law enforcement…

Three moments in charge of each of the bullfighters in the square.
Nightingale’s penultimate short against the second of his batch.
The first performance of Bastinhas.
Straw Breeze.

After Louis Rossignol having seen his first being sent back to the corrals, he returned to the arena to tend to what would become the second of his shift.

The first part did not leave much on the retina, letting itself be guided by the description, despite the knight’s intentions. The second was worth it, which, even without being absolutely round and hotter than anything else, gained luster with an outrageously good iron, left in an “attack” of courage by the veteran bullfighter. The nightingale next to the boards, the bull leaving for him and the bullfighter not ‘denying’ himself… He finished with a heart of palm.

Marcos Bastinhas was the author of a second performance of good level, with two distinct phases. The first is wiser, with correction and good approaches to the opponent, but the second, wanting to create an impact with the public, with the down-to-earth quote.

Despite all this, it is his first visit to the arena that he will remember in the future. Great performance, complete, whole from the first moment and unfortunately not to generate music attribution right away. Said music would arrive only and only in the short second… late, very late.

Bastin received his opponent at the cage door and took a long trip with him. First a good long, but the second, actually very, very good, giving the bull an edge.

The remaining irons were outstanding, with Marcos delivering commanding strikes to the opposing python in an error-free, consistent and to-the-point performance.

Francisco Palha was also in a very good plan, especially in the respective edges of the two bulls distributed. Always very connected, focused on aesthetics and this “je ne sais quoi” that makes it different. Some irons failed, but others with good marks.
Good services.

The handles were in charge of the Forcados Groups of the Aposento do Barrete Verde de Alcochete, Tertúlia Tauromáquica do Montijo and Académicos de Coimbra.

They came face to face Montijo Bullfighting GatheringForks Armand Costaon the third attempt and Tiago Feitorat first.

hair of Alcochete Cape Verde Roomwere on the front line Joao Coimbraon the first attempt, and Marcelo Loia (training cable) on the third attempt.

Wear the blue jacket Academics of Coimbrawere facing the bulls, the pitchforks Francisco Goncalvesat the first fabulous attempt, worth two turns of the fork and, Joao Tavaresalso on the first attempt.

ranch bulls sparrowof regular appearance and uneven behavior, does not complicate the life of bullfighters and forks too much.

The celebration was led by the Tauromáquico Technical Delegate João Cantinho, assisted by Veterinarian Doctor Carlos Santos.

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