Moon Knight Producers Confirmed for MCU’s Fantastic Four

And let’s go with more pot and promotions in the MCU? Well, it turns out that restarting the The Fantastic Four it was already a project that would feature some familiar faces from Marvel Studios. After all, the project’s first confirmed director was Jon Watts, who helmed the latest Spider-Man trilogy.


However, months after the resounding success of No coming home, Watts has decided to step down as director of the reboot. While waiting for the announcement of the new director, it remains to be seen WHO will form the cast of this new version of the team.

It’s all still a mystery, but here’s finally something new. Since it is confirmed that Grant Curtis and Nicolas Pepin will produce the new Fantastic Four!

As usual, the duo aren’t new to the MCU. Recently, they worked on the production of the series of moon knight. With constant work, it’s no wonder they’ve regained studio morale.

Will the writers and the new director / director also be people who have worked on the MCU? Keep an eye on this site for more information. In the meantime, how about watching an episode of LegadoCast, the Legacy podcast? !

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Will John Krasinski return to Fantastic Four?

Doctor Strange 2 It may have divided fans, but one thing no one can complain about is that the movie fulfilled one of fans’ biggest dreams. Even partially, of course. Suffering from rumors and leaks, behold, one of the great surprises of the Illuminati was him… the leader of the Fantastic Four!

Reed Richards, the Mr. Fantastic, makes its MCU debut in the Multiverse. Not only does the iconic character return to the screen after nearly 10 years, but he is also embodied by Jean Krasinski. Quite simply the actor that fans have asked the most to play the hero.

As you well know, Marvel Studios is producing the reboot of the The Fantastic Four, still no date set for theatrical release. But it’s coming! Although we have no information on what is to come, the presence of a team hero is already the necessary anticipation.

But the question remains: will John Krasinski return as Mr. Fantastic in the Fantastic Four movie? Or will he be considered a variant and have another actor play the role?

during interview with Michael Waldron, the screenwriter of the Multiverse of Madness, he deflected the question very directly. just saying that “That’s a question for someone else”. Certainly in reference to Kevin Feige or any other MCU boss and board.

Beyond that question, however, Waldron commented further on Krasinski’s involvement. To verify:

Will the Fantastic Four have a Krasinski return?

“I am not involved in the casting. But like all these actors, I worked very closely with him to bring this character to life. With him and Sam Raimi. And especially on him, because he was the character who had no precedent in the MCU, at least.

Figuring out what we wanted this guy to look like was a lot of fun. This particular character is definitely one of my favorites in the comics.

That is, Waldron pulled his own from the line and clarifies that he knows little about the casting process. Even more for the Fantastic Four, where he has no involvement.

But we can only hope that Krasinski comes back! keep an eye on Marvel’s Legacy for more information.


The Fantastic Four will be a Marvel Studios reboot, the team’s first film to be produced by the studio. There is no release date yet. The characters have had three film adaptations, two moderately successful and one a failure.

Unanimity is that no film has honored the characters as they deserve. Marvel Studios should Kevin Feige finally understood! Announced in December 2020, the director Jon Watts (Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Trilogy) ABANDONED movie order! His replacement has yet to be announced.

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