New Portuguese series on Netflix. Rabo de Peixe begins with the controversy

The second Portuguese series produced for Netflix has already started recording in the Azores. “Fish Tail” is a thriller “with touches of sarcastic humor”, “freely inspired by real events” which tells the story of four friends whose “life changes forever with the arrival of a ton of cocaine” .

The Portuguese fiction series “fishtail”directed by Augusto Fraga and Patrícia Sequeira for the Netflix streaming platform, has already started filming in the Azores, with production by Ukbar Filmes.

In a press release, Netflix reveals that “Rabo de Peixe” was among the projects selected in a script writing contest, launched in 2020 in collaboration with the Instituto do Cinema e Audiovisual. This is the second Portuguese series produced in Portugal for the platform.

The series “Rabo de Peixe” will be recorded in several places in the Azores island of Sao Miguel, namely Ribeira Grande, islet of Vila Franca do Campo, lagoon of Sete Cidades and Furnas. There will also be a shoot in Lisbon.

According to the production, “Rabo de Peixe” is a thriller “with touches of sarcastic humor” which is “loosely inspired by true events”, telling the story of “four friends whose lives changed forever with the arrival of a ton of cocaine“.

The cast is led by José Comtesse, Helena Caldeira, Rodrigo Tomás, André Leitão and Kelly Baileywith the participation of Maria João Bastos, Pepê Rapazote, Albano Jerónimo and Afonso Pimentel.

“It’s a series of pure entertainment and adrenaline, but at the same time, a reflection on the fortune and fatality of the human condition. As an Azorean, I am very happy to bring this adventure to Netflix screens,” director and screenwriter Augusto Fraga said in a statement.

Mini-controversy with accent and origin of the actors

The news of the recording of the series for Netflix was received with great enthusiasm among the Azoreans. But there are those who regret that in the casting, there are no Rabo de Peixe actorsparish of Ribeira Grande, on the island of São Miguel, or whoever notices that the accent of the protagonists It’s very different from the way people talk in this area.

“We have no representation and when the opportunity arises to show that we are humble, fun and hospitable people”, they come to Rabo de Peixe to make a Drug-Associated Seriesregrets, in turn, a Twitter user.

In 2001, more than a ton and a half of cocaine washed up of this fishing community after a yacht breaking down on its way to the Balearic Islands. This phenomenon marked Rabo de Peixe, with many people consuming the drug and selling it. In the end, just under 400 kilos were recovered.

But as for the series, on a more humorous tone, there are those who point out that they are “curious” to see How will the name of the series be translated into English?

“Rabo de Peixe” is the second Portuguese original production made for Netflix after “Glory”, by Tiago Guedesproduced by SPi and created last November.

The series shot in the Azores is the first fiction production signed by Augusto Fraga who has worked mainly in advertising, with Patrícia Sequeira, author of films such as “Snu” and “Bem Bom”.

“Damsel” is also filming in Portugal

This week also began to be filmed, in Portugal, on movie “Lady”produced by Netflix and directed by Spanish artist Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.

Speaking to Lusa agency last week, producer Nick Page explained that studio filming is taking place in the UK and that all exterior scenes for the film will take place in Portugal, namely in the Batalha Monastery and Convent of Christin Tomar.


This production is part of government-created incentives make Portugal an international shooting destination.

The film features the participation of Millie Bobby Brown, Robin Wright, Angela Bassett and Nick Robinsonamong others.

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