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The new franchise game Saints Row had more details revealed by the developer Volition. The title, which promises gameplay similar to GTA, brings as a strong point the customization of weapons and characters. With this it will be possible to change the color, shape and special abilities of your avatar. In addition, players will have to manage their adventures in the world of crime to grow and prosper their empire. The game is set to release on August 23, 2022 and is available for PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5), XboxOne, Xbox series S/X-Series and PC (Epic Games Store).

One of the main differences between the new Saints Row and the previous games are the city map, which promises to be the biggest of them all, with plenty of spaces to explore. THE Tech Tudo took part in the gameplay announcement event and gathered key details for the characters, skills, weapons, and cars that will be available at launch.

Saints Row arrives with a focus on customization and features different clothing and weapons — Photo: Disclosure / Deep Silver

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Saints Row It has an administrative center for the Saints, a criminal mafia for which the player is responsible. This location works in an abandoned church, but it improves as the user completes missions. It is possible, for example, to add objects such as plaques and statues, among other decorations. The space has a map where the player follows his missions, in addition to having a place to find his friends in case of cooperative play.

Speaking of multiplayer, the game promises an interesting experience with a few options available. One of them is the ability for your friend to pilot a helicopter and, using a giant magnet, quickly transport your car to other locations. Another mechanic available is Air Gliding: characters can, with open arms, “fly” through the city and gain momentum into nearby buildings and vehicles to continue the flight.

An interesting detail in the game is the Boss’ smartphone. In addition to showing available missions with GPS, it is possible to take a photo to save your character’s look, see your available money, in addition to unlocked skills.

The suit allows Saints Row players to fly — Photo: Disclosure / Deep Silver

In the skills, some options are available, such as seeing through the wall, throwing shots and shock, as well as resisting fire. They are unlocked according to the level of experience and are interesting to inflict more damage on stronger enemies for example.

In case the Tech Tudo was invited to participate, it was possible to see that certain skills are essential to the accomplishment of the missions. During the challenge to defeat Los Panteros, a rival gang of the Saints, you must enter the headquarters and eliminate the members of the enemy gang. However, his character, The Boss, is constantly on fire. That is, activating the ability to resist fire in this case significantly reduces the damage taken.

In addition to defeating rival gangs, it is necessary to fight cops while walking around the city. During vigilante battles, players can pick up enemy shields and weapons to use for their own defense. In direct combat, there is a set of combined blows (kicks with grenades, series of punches and others).

The player can use up to eight different types of weapons in battle. There are six weapons, including pistols, rifles and machine guns, in addition to the punch and a melee weapon, which can be a hammer, for example. It is possible to increase the skill level of weapons, increasing the damage inflicted and the accuracy of the shots.

To defeat Los Panteros, you have to face the fire — Photo: Disclosure / Deep Silver

Characters, weapons and cars with unique visuals

A Volitiondeveloper of Saints Row, heralded the game as the most customizable in franchise history and a benchmark among action games for years to come. This is because with The Boss it is possible to apply different combinations, such as changing different parts of the clothes (gloves, glasses, jacket, among others) and also putting tattoos. Additionally, you can change physical aspects of the character, such as body shape, hair, and mouth. For those who tend to get lost in so many options, the game even has ready-to-play avatars.

Another aspect that attracts attention are the weapons. The player can play with the options available, ranging from the material used, the style of graffiti printed, and even the shape of the weapon itself. During the event where the Tech Tudo participated, the gameplay showed a gun shaped like a guitar, for example.

The game offers several customization options for your character — Photo: Disclosure/Deep Silver

Cars are also among the highlights of the customization options. Players can change colors and perform significant upgrades, such as upgrading the weapons available in the vehicle body. It is also important to make improvements to some details of the cars: the tires, for example, can help the user to “kick” (push) the opposing vehicles off the track, a new mechanic in the game.

For moments of distraction, users have a few dance steps. It is possible to dance with the NPCs (automated random characters present in the game) or with your game friend.

Manage your criminal empire

New Saints Row has interesting aspects of city ​​building, a game category known for managing cities and buildings. This is because you can use the money you earn from missions to start new businesses.

For this, fourteen places are available throughout Santo Ileso. The most interesting thing is that each of them has an administrative assistant: the professional helps you with tips and advice to make your business prosper. The success of your businesses allows you to take control of important aspects of the city, such as the distribution of food and weapons.

Saints Row lets you run businesses to increase your power and influence in Santo Ileso — Photo: Disclosure/Deep Silver

Quests to unlock new possibilities

The Saints are not yet such a well-known and feared organization in Santo Ileso, the city where the game is taking place. This means you have to conquer territory and diminish the power of other gangs, as well as earn money to buy new weapons, cars. Experience points are also needed to unlock new outfit options and skills.

All of this the player conquers by completing missions accessible via smartphone or in the church, the heart of his criminal empire. They are scattered throughout the city and their level of difficulty varies depending on the final prizes that will be available if you win. One of the examples available is The Forge, which upon completion gives you 4,000 silver points and 3,000 experience points. It is worth mentioning that there is always the possibility of performing petty robberies in the city to raise funds for your gang.

Saints Row is a game with multiple possibilities for those who like style games GTA 5. In addition to the missions available, the game offers an array of huge customization possibilities, as well as a multiplayer mode to experience the best moments of gameplay with a friend.

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