Nicolás Maduro is a cartoon superhero broadcast in Venezuela

The public channel Venezuelana de Televisão (VTV), the main public channel in Venezuela, has started broadcasting the cartoon “Super Mustache”, inspired by President Nicolás Maduro as a “superhero” who must defeat the enemy, the States -United.

In the first episode airing Wednesday, which is about three minutes long, an animated villain alluding to former President Donald Trump complains, in White Housewith two well-known Venezuelan opposition politicians, Julio Borges and Henri Ramos Allupbecause they couldn’t delete Nicola Maduro power.

The politicians answer that they have tried everything, traps, lies, false signatures, Organization of American States“but nothing, we don’t see any light”.

At that time, Trump comes up with the idea of ​​firing an “electromagnetic drone” that causes a “mega blackout” in the Venezuela.

In the animation, the lights of several buildings are turned off and even the situation in a hospital operating room is heard, a voice is heard shouting “help” (help), while politicians in opposition claim that “now yes, we will defeat him”.

Maduro, the Super Mustache, appears at the scene and flies through the air destroying the unmanned aircraft, “saving” the situation for the citizens, who see electricity restored to the country.

The short animation ends with donald trump declaring “I hate you Super Mustache”.

THE VTV has not yet announced when the second episode of the cartoon series will air and the Venezuelan press says it does not know how much it cost to produce.

The name “Super Mustache” first appeared in 2019, when, during a press conference, President Nicolás Maduro spoke about the accusations made by the former President of Ecuador, Lenin Morenothat Caracas was the source of the protests in that country.

at the press conference Nicola Maduro he said he was not “Superman” and added, jokingly, that in his private life he was a Super Mustache.

The cartoon has drawn several reactions from social media users, with some of them questioning the fact that the main state channel is broadcasting the series while the country is in crisis, and the supreme court of justice interferes with National Electoral Councilordering the repetition of the regional elections in barinas.

“Amid political tensions in the country, the VTV to transmit awesome mustache“, wrote Yorvis Bracho on Twitter.

On the same social network, Alex Yanez explains that “The Simpsons also predicted Stalinist-style Chavista propaganda with the Super Mustache.”

On the other hand, Alexander Armas says “awesome mustache is a copy of Superman (with Ray Barreto from ‘Indestructible’ as a middleman), but the villain is also a copy of Syndrome, the villain of ‘The Incredibles’. Revolutionary originality and its Hollywood moulds…”.

Some Twitter users have wondered where the “Super Mustache” was when US planes violated Venezuelan airspace, on occasions like last July 22, when a C-17 plane flew through the Serra de Perija.

User CAthon took to Twitter to say he thought “it was a joke, but sadly it’s not. The left has serious psychiatric issues.”

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