Nintendo Switch Sports Players Give Can’t-Miss “Rage Quit”

The game Nintendo Switch Sportssuccessor to the classic Sports Wiiwas released in April this year, and several players are already reporting cases of rage resign. The term in English refers to when the opposing players leave the match so as not to lose and, therefore, not to fall in the ranking.

When this happens, the game displays the message “The match will be over because your opponent has abandoned the game”, with error code 2-AS8SA-0004. All progress made in the game is lost and no one gains anything, both the winner and the loser. See how it works in the video below:

It should be remembered that the game has two scoring systems. The first, accessible to all players, offers a minimum of 30 points in all matches; when you reach 100 points, you get a random seasonal cosmetic item. The second is only released when you’ve played a certain number of hours and works like a “ranked”, where you level up or down. Most likely, players are dropping matches because of these rankings.

Unfortunately, these are not isolated cases. ourselves here Canaltechwe have already encountered users giving rage resign in some matches. Diego “DIGPLAY” Leonardo, content creator on nintendo. “Pathetic”, he writes in the Twitter:

Similar reports are also appearing en masse on the social network.

“I played with five people who were livid about quitting Switch Sports tennis. I wanted my ranking to go up because of it”

“I just pissed off someone quitting Switch Sports”

“I didn’t think it would get to the point of seeing someone quitting on Nintendo Switch Sports, but here we are. ◔ _ ◔”

According to the website game8.cowhich publishes game walkthroughs, the Nintendo Switch Sports penalizes players who abandon several matches in a row. The ban starts at ten minutes, and this time increases if the problem persists. The system is similar to that used in other online multiplayer games.

Nintendo Switch Sports is trying to prevent users from dropping matches (Picture: Playback/

It should be remembered that these penalties occur both if you quit the game on purpose and accidentally. In this way, the system cannot differentiate a rage resign an internet connection failure.

Nintendo Switch Sports is available for Nintendo Switch.

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