Omelete joins the BIG Festival, the biggest gaming event in Latin America – GKPB

The 2022 edition of Big partythe largest festival of games, creation, business and networking in Latin America, takes place from July 7 to 10 and omelet business decided to join the event team so that everything happens with even more control.

The company Omelete, already known for its expertise with the market and with the consumer, arrives at the BIG Festival to add value and articulation within the virtual games segment as a whole. According to the director of the festival, Gustavo Steinbergthe union further enhances the importance of the event within the independent gaming scene and brings more strength to one of the premier gaming events in the world.

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“The BIG Festival has already established itself as the main event for the electronic games industry in Latin America and the trend is at a rate of growth which continues to be encouraging. The arrival of the partnership with Omelete, which already has great expertise with CCXP, for example, reflects this moment of expansion that we are experiencing. We are very happy with this partnership and we can only expect a lot from it.said Steinberg.

For Pierre MantovaniCEO and partner of Omelete Company, the event and the partnership between the brands is the result of a new moment of games and eSports in Brazil. “We (Omelete) have the role of promoting national culture and helping the growth of the gaming market in Brazil. For this reason, we are very satisfied with the partnership with BIG. I am sure that we will bring more experiences and connections between the event audience and the gaming and eSports fan communities”strong points.

BIG Party 2022

This year, the event will once again be held in person, but will also continue with its online format, which has reached millions of fans over the past two years. The participation of companies such as PlayStation, Xbox, Google and Tencent is already confirmed. In addition, the presence of big names in the industry such as Takashi Tokitaleading designer of Final Fantasyand David K.Lamartistic director at Riot Games.

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In addition to the attractions already confirmed, the program also includes more than 100 conferences, the presence of the best games in the world, including numerous releases, the participation of some of the biggest influencers and names in the market, in addition to an eSports calendar , in partnership with the AFNthe main independent league of Free fire from Brazil.

Fans of the BIG Festival can already guarantee their presence at the event from May 16. Tickets for the BIG Play area – with games and lectures – are sold in bundles starting at R$20 (half price) and R$40 (full price). In the business meeting area (B2B area), ticket prices can be viewed on BIG Festival 2022 Business Platform.

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Tenth edition of the project

O Big party reached its 10th edition celebrating a new brand. While over the last ten years the gaming market has evolved exponentially, the event has also gone through this process of transformation and presents to the market its new identity, developed in collaboration with Acerwo Studio. The new brand now covers even more of the game development industry and encompasses the entire development chain in Brazil and abroad.

“As the game market evolves, the line between what’s indie and what’s not, ceases to exist. At some point, a game appears as an indie game, but within a few weeks, it occupies the space of a AAA or III game, as the big indie games have been called, therefore, we have renewed our brand, to continue to communicate with all developers and audiences”explains the director of the BIG Festival.

under the seal of Culture incentive lawBIG Festival is sponsored by Master gravel; Gold sponsorship of Magalu Games, Bis, disengage and Finished; Sponsorship money from DX Game Works; partnership with Abragames – Brazilian Association of Digital Game Developers by Brazil Games Projecta partnership with Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency, Apex-Brazil.

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