“Our Home 2”: after 12 years, a sequel based on a book by Chico Xavier ends filming

“Our House 2: Os Mensageiros” is a future Brazilian film of the dramatic and spiritual genres that has the book “Os Mensageiros”, by series ‘Life in the spiritual world’ by Chico Xavier, as a basis. Sequel to the 2010 blockbuster “Nosso Lar,” the feature is directed by Wagner de Assis and is finally about to end its run. picturestaking place in Rio de Janeiro.

“Our Home 2”: after 12 years, a sequel based on a book by Chico Xavier ends filming. Image: 20th Century Reproduction/Fox

Some of the main names in the film’s cast include Edson Celulari, Fábio Lago, Aline Prado and Nando Brandão. In an exclusive interview with splashof UOLAssis talked about the sequel, the future of the franchise and highlighted the depth of the spiritual subjects which, according to the director“offers a mine of stories” for the cinema.

“It’s a combination of factors. Sometimes one has more weight than the other. But I would say the main thing is when I find a good story. A truly sensational story, wherever it is. I’ve always liked good stories, because they say a lot about the human condition,” said the director.

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Considered almost an expert on the subject, Assis has several spiritist productions in his curriculum, such as “A Cartomante” (2005) – his first film of the genre – “A Menina Indigo” (2016), “Kardec” (2018) and ” Nobody is by Nobody”, which is based on the book of the same name by Zibia Gasparetto and has also recently completed its recordings. The filmmaker revealed that he’s actually always enjoyed supernatural subjects, and becoming more involved with the subject through movies has led to even greater fascination.

“We don’t stop because, when we can understand that what people write concerns the human condition, it becomes fascinating. Well, since I started now, I need to make choices that speak to me. You can’t spend years doing something that doesn’t affect you in some way. It’s a lot of work. So it’s a bit of a combination of those two things,” the filmmaker explained.

“The other condition is a personal investigation. Spirituality is our final frontier, the human spirit is our final frontier, and we should look at it a lot, scientifically, philosophically, because that’s what it’s all about. The consequences are that they are religious,” he added.

“Our Home 2”: after 12 years, a sequel based on a book by Chico Xavier ends filming. Image: Disclosure/20th Century Fox (2010 film)

Besides “Ninguém é de Pessoas” and “Nosso Lar 2”, Assis is also working on the documentary “Chico Para Semper”. The project, which takes place in partnership with Marcel Souto Maior, author of the bestseller “As Vidas de Chico Xavier”, has more than 80 interviews and aims to present the life of one of the most famous mediums to the world.

Always according to UOLthe first film, also directed by Assis, took in four million people movie theater in Brazil and has a total of 50 million viewers worldwide. The first feature and the second both present the saga of André Luiz – played by Renato Prieto – a doctor who, after his death, meets Chico Xavier.

“’Os Mensageiros’ is a book that actually delivers what was the goal of André Luiz’s mind, which was to talk about life in the spiritual world. This is a very important book regarding the subject of mediumship. It begins by describing failed mediums, and I think this is very important because it places mediumship as something that can be questioned, if not reliable, ethical and correct. Mistakes happen, decisions can be made in the wrong ways. I understand that, in this film, we add a lot more to the idea that there is life after life. These relationships that we show in the first film, that there are embodied and disembodied, they go much further than what was explored in the first feature film,” he said.

“Our Home 2 – The Messengers” is scheduled for release in 2023, with no specific date yet. “Our House”, 2010, is available on Netflix.

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