Pantanal: Who is Karine Teles?

Anyone who watches “Pantanal” already knows Karine Teles playing blogger Madeleine, who says goodbye to conspiracy by dying in a plane crash. However, the 43-year-old actress is not a beginner in the audiovisual sector, quite the contrary. Teles’ course includes several participations in movies important for the national cinema.

An example of the actress’ performance that became well known was in the award-winning film film “What time is she coming back?” (2015). In the production, she played Bárbara, a wealthy woman who was head of the domestic Val, played by Regina Casé. The dynamic of the two caught the public’s attention, mainly due to the famous scenes in which Teles abused and humiliated the maid.

For the title, the actress received her first nomination from the Brazilian Cinema Academy for the Grande Otelo Award, in addition to being nominated for the Guarani Award as Best Supporting Actress.

In 2019, she again performed a role hated by the public in another feature film that attracted a lot of attention: the actress played the Forasteira in “Bacurau”, a woman who believed herself to be superior to other Brazilians and helped foreigners to kill people.

Karine Teles played Madeleine in ‘Pantanal’

Image: Globo/João Miguel Júnior

Born in Petrópolis (RJ) on August 16, 1978, at age 14, she moved with her family to live in Maceió, capital of Alagoas. At 17, she returned to Rio alone after passing the entrance exams to the Federal State University of Rio de Janeiro, where she obtained her diploma in performing arts in 2000. At the time, she had need to teach English to be able to support themselves financially. in the city.

In a recent interview with the “Calcinha Larga” podcast, she said that in addition to teaching another language, she also earns her living as a personal assistant to directors, as was the case with Karim Ainouz, from “A Vida Invisível” (2018). However, when she worked for an American filmmaker – whose name she did not reveal – she went through difficult times, even involving moral abuse.

“I worked with him for three years. It was like [no filme] “The devil wears Prada”, I was that character. It was punk, it was the moment when I said, ‘That’s enough, I’m not going to work with anything that is not related to my job,’ he said. I don’t have the right money, I can’t pay the bills properly, I’m just gonna be an actress, I’m gonna go crazy and that’s it.”

I stopped and resigned myself to him, it was horrible.

Television debut in “Malhação”

At the start of her acting career, she starred in over 35 plays. Already on television, her debut took place in 1999, during the sixth season of “Malhação”, when she played a drug addict. After ten years, she returns to the small screen with “Mateus, O Balconista” and in several other productions, such as “As Canalhas” (2013), “A Regra do Jogo” (2015), “Justice” (2016), “Filhos da Pátria” (2017), “Tempo de Amar” (2017), “Malhação: Toda Forma de Amar” (2019), “Hebe” (2019), “The Last Days of Gilda” (2020), “Mornings September” (2021) and “Therapy Session” (2021).

On the big screen, in 2016, she starred in the controversial film “Fala Comigo”, in which she plays a woman who falls in love with the teenage son of her psychologist. She received her third Guarani Award nomination and was voted Best Actress by the Rio Film Festival for the second time.

Actress Karine Teles graduated in Performing Arts from UniRio - Condemais - Condemais

Actress Karine Teles graduated in Performing Arts from UniRio

Image: Condémais

Then, in 2018, she performed and scripted “Benzinho”. With a dramatic and intense performance as a mother facing the departure of her son for another country. For her work, she has received major Brazilian film awards, including the Grande Otelo for Best Actress and Best Original Screenplay, the APCA Award for Best Screenplay, and her second Guarani Award for Best Actress.

As for her personal life, she was married to director Gustavo Pizzi, but broke up in 2019. With him, Teles had twins.


With the success of the Rede Globo soap opera, Karine Teles has suffered harassment from fans on her social networks, which now have 80,000 subscribers since the release of “Pantanal” – before there were 40,000.

In an interview with universe, she said that Madeleine hadn’t just caused positive reactions in her life: the actress had been forced to distance herself a little from social networks. “I no longer read private messages from people I no longer know because I risk having a form of violence in the comments,” he says. “I received some very nasty things. Aggressive pickups, harassment, very disgusting things.”

Actress Karine Teles taught English to support herself early in her career - Condemais - Condemais

Actress Karine Teles taught English to support herself early in her career

Image: Condémais

The participation ended in “Pantanal”, Karine now concentrates on the recordings of “Segundas Intentions”, series from HBO Max, which will be the first Brazilian production to Diffusion with more than 50 episodes, and also awaits the release of the second season of “September Mornings”, which stars alongside Liniker and Linn da Quebrada.

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