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This week at the Pplware office we have the following topics for questions from our visitors:


This office aims to clarify the main doubts that are transmitted to us by the readers and visitors of Pplware, in all the platforms, places and addresses where we are already represented.

The choice of questions is made in such a way that as many subjects as possible are covered and those that we find most relevant and interesting are presented.

The responses presented reflect our understanding and are intended to present possible solutions. However, we are counting on our readers to complete, enrich and even contrast them, so that they are as rich and complete as possible.

To continue this section, we have chosen a few more questions that were received in the official email from Consultório Pplware.

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How to create a very special Windows image?

Hello everyone.

I would like to know if it is possible to create a system image without drivers, so that I can update the new pc without compatibility problems.

What software do you advise me to use and how should I proceed, ie if it is possible to do what I want.


With the most sincere regards

Luis Soares da Costa



What you want is not possible, at least I don't know of a tool that does. Regarding the exclusion of drivers, it is only possible to create an image, from the Windows installation, in which various details can be included and applications added and all that one wishes. This is a common procedure for software installation situations on many computers.

However, there is backup software that you can test by making a direct copy of the system. There are many software that do this, such as Macrium Software Reflect or Acronis True Image. Considering the work involved in tuning a system "our way", it is worth experimenting and seeing how the new computer performs after receiving the system with different hardware. Windows is expected to easily handle this.

[Respondido por Hugo Cura]

How can I contact Facebook to recover my account?


Viva Pplware,

I would like to know if you know a method to try to get in touch with Facebook? This Thursday my account was hacked overnight, and I already tried to use the id upload method on and supposedly got an automatic email telling me that the account was unlocked , but in the end it's still locked and I can't do anything else.

Do you know of an email or a way to get in touch with them as I can't enter anything on the Facebook or Facebook Business site?

I'm really desperate because I have a lot of stuff with authentication via Facebook.

If you can help me, I would be very grateful.


Pedro Mateus



There are several ways to contact Facebook, but none are with direct contacts, the normal phone call. What we recommend is to use account recovery formswhich apparently will have already used.

Thus, the next step is the use of email, for one of the accounts that we will leave below. Then you should get the necessary support:

  • disabled@fb.com - You can use this email to contact Facebook to try to recover disabled or hacked accounts, if you need to reset your password, or if you're having trouble accessing a page
  • appeals@fb.com – This email can be used to appeal any suspended accounts or blocked/removed content
  • abuse@fb.com - You can use this email to report anything on Facebook that goes against Facebook Community Standards

Try one of these options and you should be able to recover your account as expected.

[Respondido por Pedro Simões]

How to recover the sound on my Xiaomi Mi Box?

Good afternoon,

I have a problem with my Xiaomi MI Box which is the following:

For a few days, streaming applications (Netflix, HBO Max) have lost sound. All other apps have sound.

I have already replaced the HDMI cable but the problem persists.


Isabelle Cavaco



There are many reports of this same issue with the Mi Box losing sound in some content or apps.

There doesn't seem to be a concrete solution to this problem, and restoring factory settings is usually something that does the trick...at least until it happens again.

You can also try another trick: Go to Settings > Sound > Digital Audio Format > PCM. Also in the Sound menu, in Dolby Sounds, set it to OFF. Again, if that doesn't work, do a factory reset.

[Respondido por Hugo Cura]

How can I split traffic on a VPN?


I would like to know if it is possible to configure 2 internet connections on the pc with different ips at the same time, for example for Wi-Fi it would have ip A and for lan it would have ip B , then configure which programs would use ip A and which other programs would use ip B

If it is possible and if you could help me configure my computer, how much would it cost me?

I will tell you why I need it, I play poker in different rooms and in different countries, some time ago I used vpn express which was the best for split tunneling and I could choose which programs used the portugal ip and what programs were using the brazil ip

But I started having problems with some poker rooms because they detected that I was using a vpn with a data center ip

I went to google to search and found a good vpn service with a residential ip called mysterium vpn , but that vpn no longer has split tunneling in the options i.e. it had an IP address in Brazil for all applications

My idea was to use another pc connected to this mysterium vpn with residential ip in brazil, create a shotspot by wifi and on my other pc i connected wifi to this hotspot and lan cable with my portuguese ip and choose the applications that use the Wi-Fi signal and those that use the LAN cable

Sorry for the long text, if you can help me, I will be very grateful and I am ready to pay for this help, as soon as possible, please say something a big hug.

Hugo Mendonca



First of all, we don't do the services you ask for. So we'll just respond to try to help you with what you need.

Indeed, it all comes down to using Split Tunneling on your Windows and on your VPN. This will be responsible for distributing traffic as needed.

However, and as mentioned, Split Tunneling can only be used if the VPN you are using supports it. As you mention, your new VPN does not support this feature, which is essential.

What we recommend is to find a new VPN that supports Split Tunneling and also has a good configuration interface, in order to enable this feature and easily define which applications will use this VPN output.

[Respondido por Pedro Simões]

How do I prevent a driver from updating in Windows?

Hello everyone.

I have a pc with amd processor and i installed adrenalin edition 22.6.1 software and it works fine, until i put windows update to check for updates and it finds and installs a driver named Advanced Micro Devices, lnc. - Display - 27.20.21020.7001 and when installing the PC monitor is all black, only seeing the mouse pointer.

Is there a way to block the installation of this latest driver from Windows Update?

Thanks a lot.

With the most sincere regards

Luis Soares da Costa



On Windows Update, driver updates are in the optional updates group. Precisely because they are optional, they are not meant to be installed without user consent.

Even so, you can disable the installation of drivers, in a procedure that is not simple but turns out to be an adequate solution.

As the procedure already exists online, I will not transcribe it, but rather indicate the link:

Therefore, you will have to do the whole guide, up to the "Using the .REG file" section, which you shouldn't do anymore.

Good luck!

[Respondido por Hugo Cura]

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