Producer appoints Paris Hilton to replace Amber Heard in Aquaman 2

Juliet Lauren Fischerexecutive producer of Warner Bros. the society posted on his Instagram Stories on Thursday, May 19 that Amber Heard will be replaced in “Aquaman 2” by Paris Hilton.

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Without further explanation or details, the producer, who works with Baz Luhrmann Prod. Company, said Warner just hired Paris, who could reshoot Amber’s scenes in the production, which won’t hit theaters until March 2023.

Fischer wrote: “Warner Bros. just hired Paris Hilton to replace Amber Heard in AQUAMAN 2.”

No one gave further details on the news.

During the interrogation on Tuesday, May 17, Amber Heard indicated that she also had financial problems. Although he was paid 2 million dollars to star in the second part of the film”Aquaman“, she said that her participation had been reduced to only 10 minutes due to the defamation lawsuit which Johnny Depp open against her.

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And according to sources, Amber may yet see her character completely cut from the ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ production which hits theaters in March 2023.

She said in her testimony: “They gave me a script and then they gave me new versions of the script where they cut scenes that had action, that showed my character and another character, without give away no spoilers, two characters fighting, and they basically took a lot out of my role,” he said.

Heard, who plays Mera in the superhero film, said Warner Bros. didn’t want her on the project anymore after Depp’s lawyers called her a “liar” and simply “cut several” of her scenes from the film starring Jason Momoa. .

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His movie after Aquaman, still following the lawsuit, was an independent feature that he only received $65,000 to star in.

THE The judgment between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues to be in full swingand as the process unfolds, more details about the relationship between the two artists and how the allegations impacted their respective careers.

In one of the most recent hearings, which was even reproduced by the Sky News channel, the artist assured that Warner had cut several scenes of Mera in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”, a sequel to “Aquaman”. .

“Have you ever been in ‘Aquaman 2?’ asked one of the lawyers in court. “Yeah. I fought hard to stay in the movie. They didn’t want to put me in there,” Heard said.

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“Were you finally able to film ‘Aquaman 2’?” Asked the professional again. “A very reduced version of my role, but yes,” Amber quipped. “Has anything changed in the script?” asked the lawyer.

I was given a script. Then I had new versions of the script which removed important action scenes, which showed my character and another character, without revealing spoilers, fighting against each other. They basically cut off a lot of my paper. They reduced it a lot,” she explained.

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