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Every man has a choice: to live guided by love or by fear. The teaching of Yusuf Khan (Mohan Kapour) comes a few minutes before Aamir (Saagar Sheikh) marry Tyesha (Travina Springer), a kind of talk about preparation to allay the child’s fears about the future. However, his words also fit like a glove for Kamala (Iman Vellani). After being chased by Department of Damage drones, the teenager faces another moral dilemma with the discovery that Kamran (Rish Shah), his mother Najma (Nimra Bucha) and many other people are, in fact, Clandestines, beings from another dimension who are looking for a way to return home. For the first time, Kamala steps back in a responsible attempt to find a solution that doesn’t endanger anyone else’s life. But suddenly, it puts one more target on your back and on those of your loved ones. After all, which path to take: that of love or that of fear?

if in tick, tick… BOOM! the dilemma presented in such sweet words by the Patriarch of the Khans is accompanied by laughter, here he is able to fill the eyes of the viewer. That’s because “Fearless,” an episode that marks the middle of the season of M/s. wonder, centralizes once and for all the origin story of its heroine in her family relationships, and this, with a very particular sensitivity. There is the beauty of the ceremony, with the right to your own Bollywood dance number, but there is also a very palpable truth when it comes to the strength of family ties in the face of the prejudices of others. So it’s strong when Muneeba (Zenobia Shroff) tells her daughter that she doesn’t have to deal with her problems alone: ​​she offers the hand she didn’t receive when she arrived in the United States. Similarly, when Nakia (Yasmine Fletcher) prevents the entry of Agent Deever (Alysia Reiner) to the mosque, it imposes a border that has always been flouted, all in the name of protecting its own.

Although to a lesser extent, this delicacy also applies to the origin of the now-unmasked villain Najma’s impulse. Like Bruno (Matt Lintz) discovers in his research, the Clandestines — also called jinnand this is the first hint that your intentions may be less benevolent — they were exiles from the Noor dimension and together they try to find the key to leaving this world. They’ve been among humans for 100 years – although the episode only shows Najma with Kamala’s great-grandmother Aisha in 1942 – and that may be why not only do they live as families, but they are ready to do anything to get their house back. .

Cleverly, the writers took advantage of this all-or-nothing spirit to also put Kamran to choose between love and fear. So, more than attesting to the character of the idol and fueling her adorable argument with Bruno (or is it Brian?) for Kamala’s heart, her decision to turn her back on her mother adds another layer to the episode. .

(It should be noted that this level of cohesion and conceptual preciousness is not a constant between the series of mcu. In all of them there are good intentions, but few have been as successful as M/s. wonder. This launches viewers with a healthy dose of optimism for the final part of the series. After all, there’s a good chance, yes, that she’s been in the top productions hall since the start of Phase 4. On TV, so it’s not even mentioned).

Kamala doesn’t have the same instincts as Kamran, and in hiding the reason she set off the fire alarm and broke up the wedding, she opts for fear. Fortunately, her grandmother Sana (samina ahmed), so absent and shrouded in mystery, appears calling her to visit him in Karachi with Muneeba. The invitation is not by nostalgia, even less by chance. In the final minutes of the episode, as she was about to capture the teenager, Najma not only told her that Aisha had betrayed her – that is, that is where her reason to compete with the protagonist – but also exposed her to the view of a train coming towards her. , identified precisely by the name of the Pakistani city. In other words, Kamala is far from knowing the whole truth about her origin and her powers. But as she sits down with Muneeba and Sana to discuss the complicated mother-daughter relationship that spans generations in the family, Kamala may be doing more than understanding her ancestry. This may be the key to better understanding why it is worth being guided by love.


if so far M/s. wonder makes subtle links with productions by mcuusing them more as Easter eggs and jokes rather than following previous events, “Destinada” goes one step further. I am not referring to the mention of Eric Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard) as a source of information on interdimensional travel. He has his role, after all, his studies put an end to Kamala’s impulsive plans. However, the big reference is right in the opening scene, as Aisha and Najma search for the bracelets in a destroyed temple. On the ground, among the debris, you can see the symbol of the Ten Rings, the artifacts that gave Shang-Chi’s first adventure its name (Simu Liu) in the shared universe.

This mention won’t be for nothing, as the last time we saw Shang-Chi talk about the Ten Rings, he was accompanied by none other than Captain Marvel herself (Brie Larson). Therein lies the reason why the heroines find themselves in the long-awaited wait wonders? Only future episodes of the series will tell.

M/s. wonder airs Wednesdays at Disney+.

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