Remember INSANE ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Director Sam Raimi’s 10 BEST Movies

Considered one of the most famous and discussed filmmakers in the industry over the past decade, especially in the horror genre, to say that Sam Raimi has a legacy in the history of cinema is an understatement. Of the horror and senseless terrir of ‘The death of the demon‘ to the visual spectacle and blockbuster top notch with their incredible trilogy of ‘Spider Man‘, the only thing we can expect from Raimi’s films is that they always bring us something unexpected.

Raimi he is an absolutely original director in every way, whether in smaller works or even in large productions. The filmmaker’s work carries an inventive spirit that leaves the impression of someone very passionate about what he does. They are original works with a big heart. Despite this, the filmmaker manages to travel through the most varied styles and succeed in each of them.

Sam Raimi returns after more than a decade of not releasing anything with a new superhero movie,’Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness‘, but it’s also his first feature film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even with part of the public divided, it is clear that the filmmaker’s vein of ‘Um Noite Alucinante’ is imprinted there, for better and for worse.

Hitching a ride as the movie came out, we decided to put together a list of the top 10 movies ever made by Sam Raimi, those who, although outside the curve, have managed to find their place and mark the lives of the most different audiences. From fans of action movies and superheroes to the most aficionados of horror movies. Also comment on which ones are your favorites.

ten – A crazy night 3 (1992)

Sam Raimi completely changed the initial idea of ​​the trilogy, in the first we had gore horror, in the second a horror film with comedy and in this third the director takes on madness once and for all. A change that upset some fans, but for others it was for the best, after all, Ash (Bruce Campbell) became a hero this time, gaining invincible status. By the way, by this time they had already published many comics of the character and a few games. For being a movie that has a beautiful script, crazy performances, inspired storylines, and precise direction, it deserves to be on the list.

09 – A simple plan (1998)

the particular Sam Raimi comes back strong in this absolutely electrifying thriller, which tells the story of three friends who find 4 million dollars. When greed starts to speak louder and money starts to matter more than people themselves, things spiral out of control and the unexpected happens.

The whole cast is excellent, but I can’t resist mentioning the spectacular performance of Billy Bob Thortonas Jakob, Hank’s brother, a character from Bill Paxton. Raimi he felt very comfortable making films of this type of which he was free.

08 – Spider Man (2002)

Spider Man‘ is a film that can be described as remarkable, to say the least. It broadened the horizons of a subgenre, was absolutely innovative, and transformed model of style. An absolutely authorial, original and at the same time unpretentious work.

A film capable of bringing, in addition to a lot of fun, a good dose of heart in its heart, guaranteeing dramatic and touching moments. The humor is also in just the right measure, making this superhero adventure a full entertainment, full plate for any fortune-teller. the direction of Sam Raimi It’s very charming, with its unmistakable quirky style present throughout the ribbon.

07 – The gift of premonition (2000)

At the start of his career, it was quite unusual for Raimi to make films outside his comfort zone, and the last big film of this phase, let’s say more “experimental”, Gift (in the original) comes as a big surprise to anyone who is already familiar with Raimi’s filmography.

In it we have Annie Wilson, a woman (Cate Blanchett) with a supernatural ability to communicate with the dead and perceive things before they happen, as she uses her powers to deduce who murdered a young local girl (Katie Holmes). A dark and gothic film, ‘The gift of premonition‘ works through the excellent track record of Billy Bob Thorton and Tom Epperson.

06 – Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022)

Awaited by God and the world, who wanted to know what Raimi would do after so long away from superhero movies,’Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness‘ is packed with entertainment, but don’t forget to focus on the characters in the plot, their stories and what they love.

Your delivery of fan service, with a touch of terror in the creative use of effects and magic, will leave audiences satisfied. Even because, if you’re going to put the word “crazy” in your title, the least you can expect is something crazy on screen.

05 – A crazy nightThe death of the demon (nineteen eighty one)

diabolical death‘ is one of the greatest horror films ever made. Score. Innovative for its time and made with very little budget, it was not expected at the time that with so little investment the film would experience the brilliance of success and screening, becoming one of the greatest horror classics of all time. Innovative, creative and using visual effects in the most creative way possible for the time. To this day, it brings chills and horror to all who see it. A pearl of gore or terrir horror cinema. A work of anthology.

04 – dark manfaceless revenge (1990)

The first experience of Sam Raimi with a superhero movie was on’dark man‘, and it could not be otherwise. A disfigured guy, who lives in the shadows and becomes a vigilante by obligation. Lian Neson it’s awesome and the feature is full of those mind-blowing director moments. The plot has elements of mafia films, but brings the character alone to fight organized crime in a city that looks more like Gotham.

03 – drag me to hell (2009)

With ‘drag me to hell‘, Sam Raimi poking fun at mambemb conditions early in her career, where you see stark continuity errors and exaggerations in sound design, like the barking inserted into the old hag’s cry. It’s a film that boils down to an exercise in style.

It’s not a flowery thriller and it doesn’t point to new directions for the genre. On the contrary, the dialogues are deliciously sticky, the gags suck and some sets are deliberately poor. It’s like Raimi is still in the 1980s making a movie in his late 2000s style.

02 – A crazy night 2 (1987)

With the success of the first movie, a sequel/remake was guaranteed and 6 years later it happened’evil death 2‘ which, fortunately, brings back Sam Raimi in filmmaking, the result is simply a much bigger and better movie. In the plot, Ash travels to an isolated cabin next to his girlfriend, but when he gets there, he finds a book and a researcher’s tapes, where they end up awakening the demonic forces that inhabit the forest; alongside this nightmare, we have the researcher’s daughter and her boyfriend who are also on their way to the cabin.

production maintains Bruce Campbell as the protagonist here he is even crazier, quite expressive and gives the constant feeling of bewilderment that the character needs. ‘A crazy night of them‘ is a lot of fun and gore, being considered by many to be one of the best films of the genre, with Raimi enshrined in earnest.

01 – Spider Man of them (2004)

Peter Parker he had already conquered the world in his first film adventure, but what would be the definitive work was missing, because it merged the character’s daily life, with all the family and love conflicts, having him in his tail a relentless villain. Alfred Molina steals the show in this Oscar-winning masterpiece of best visual effects. The best Spider-Man movie is also one of the best superhero movies ever made.

Spidey’s fight against Octopus is memorable and the final scene of Spider Man into the arms of the people is one of the greatest things ever accomplished in a superhero movie. The adventure tastes like the character’s old comics, where every issue was highly anticipated and the emotion was sincere, I mean, everything you see on screen is impactful.

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