Report Difficulties Detailed in Apple’s Headset Team

O augmented/virtual reality headset Apple is poised to be the company’s next foray into (at least partially) uncharted territory, but its development has been a story of ups and downs that has been going on for many years – and that we mainly follow the rumorssome of them mismatched, and behind-the-scenes stories.

Well, today a reporting by Wayne Ma for the information managed to trace a full history of the device – explaining the reasons why it took the form it seems to have now and the difficulties encountered by the team responsible.

According to the article, development of the headset began in 2015, and just a year later, the device team already had a series of prototypes to present to the company’s senior executives. Among the “testers” were several members of Apple’s board of directors, such as former vice president Al Gore and then CEOApple’s headphones are expected to hit the scene as soon as next year — however, important details such as price and features remain to be known. What are your expectations?

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