Revealed the FIVE cameos that were cut from Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was the first film released by Marvel Studios in theaters this year, which in less than two weeks has already become the second highest grossing of 2022 (Lily).


Doctor Strange 2as well as the series Loki and the movie Spider-Man: No Coming Homealso explores the multiverse, something Marvel has decided to bank on and explore in this new phase.

And currently, the multiverse has become synonymous with surprises and cameos, which, along with Doctor Strange 2 was no different, much to the delight of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans.

The film has numerous appearances in the reality in which the Illuminati exists, such as the heroes Professor Xavier (patrick stuart), Captain Carter (Hayley Atwell) and Mr. Fantastic (Jean Krasinski).

Either way, many fans are still saying they were disappointed and expected to see more in the film, with expectations skyrocketing with the highly speculated variation of Iron Man played by star Tom. Cruise.

While some entries were nothing more than fan wishes, others were actually being considered by Marvel, like the reporter Jemes Clement revealed. According to him, they were FIVE discontinued shares.

The first came from Magnetowhere the source claimed that the actor Michael Fassbender even recorded his scenes, but ended up being cut from the final version. The second would be ghost riderwho would face Wanda in the film, being part of the Illuminati.

The source also alleges that Marvel cut off the participation of the Balder the Bravefrom version 616 of the Baron Mordowho would confront Wanda on her ranch at the start of the film, as well as the dead Poolthat Marvel planned a post-credits scene.

It’s uncertain whether we’ll see this information confirmed by Marvel itself or even as deleted scenes on the blu-ray of Doctor Strange 2. What did you think? keep following the Marvel’s Legacy so as not to miss any news!

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Doctor Strange 2 is part of the call “Multiverse Trilogy” of the MCU, started in Wanda Vision and continued in spider man 3! With the departure of the director Scott Derrickson, Sam Raimi (from the trilogy of Spider Man in Tobey Maguire) has been confirmed as a replacement in the direction! The scenario was Michael Waldronwho shone in the series Loki!

Check out the synopsis of the film: “Journey into the unknown with Doctor Strange. Who, with the help of mystical allies old and new, traverses the dangerous alternate realities of the multiverse to face a mysterious new adversary.

In addition to Raimi’s return to the Marvel Universe, the cast has Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange), Elizabeth Olsen (Wanda) Benoit Wong (Wong), Chiwetel Ejiofor (bite), Rachel McAdams (Christine Palmier) and Xochitl Gomez (America Ch├ívez). And a bomb: patrick stuart is confirmed and will return as Professor Xavier! The film is already showing in Brazilian cinemas, with screenings in 2D and 3D. Run there to watch! Check out our full review CLICK HERE !

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