Review | Car Rei – Matheus Nachtergaele Stars in ‘Transformers’ Sci-Fi in Caruaru With Horror Touches

Man against machine. Ever since mankind entered the industrial age, machines have become part of people’s daily lives with more intensity – not that they didn’t exist before, but that’s when the human being begins to live with automatons to go from one place to another. the other, to cook, to work, to take care of oneself, to travel, etc. Coexistence has already become the motto of several artistic creations, such as the book (and later the film, from 1927)’metropolis‘and the book’1984‘, to name just two examples. A subject that is not exhausted, since the relational mystery creator versus creature will remain until finally fiction prevails over reality. Until then, let’s revel in the creativity of films like ‘royal car‘, a national feature film that continues in this vein and is released this week in Brazilian cinemas.

When I was small, a (Luciano Pedro Jr.) had lost his mother in a suspicious car accident while driving one of the taxis in his father’s fleet. After the death of his mother, his brother, Monkey Joe (Matheus Nachtergaele) is expelled from family life, rehoused in the old family junkyard, where he lives isolated. Years later, the family’s taxi fleet is under threat after the entry into force of the 15-year-old law in the town of Caruaru: from now on, all cars over fifteen years old must be withdrawn from circulation. It arouses the curiosity of a to find his mother’s wrecked car, safe in the junkyard. Once there, the boy notices a strange connection to the machine and remembers that since he was a child he could hear the thoughts of cars. Faced with such a unique phenomenon, he and his uncle decide to restore the machine, making it aesthetically new. However, the new appearance, added to the autonomy of drives, ends up electrifying the relationship between humans and machines.

Lasting one hour and forty, ‘royal car‘ is a film in constant evolution. The slow start may scare away the viewer who expects a linear fiction feature film, as the first few minutes already set the tone for science fiction that the production will adopt. In some kind of moodtransformers‘, the characters gradually interact with talking cars, which gain in personality and ease, becoming influential characters in the plot. This is one of the main skills of the screenplay. Sergio Oliveira, Renata Pinheiro and pirate lionwhich releases the machinery as seen in ‘I fly‘.

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The difference in the movie Renata Pinheiro it’s about setting the story in Caruaru, which lends an even more contrasting sidereal aesthetic to the production’s central fight. All led by a Matheus Nachtergaele which proves once again why he is one of the best Brazilian actors in cinema, mixing primitive ways with a touch of Gero Camilo in ‘seven headed beast‘ bring shades of horror and Thriller in French with an apocalyptic plot.

royal car‘ is an auteur film with its own brilliance, deserving of the awards it’s won at festivals, and one that will appeal to niche audiences thirsty for wacky stories set in our own backyards, after all, there are also chimerical accounts here.

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