Saints Row: no need to complain, the reboot will be very different

O restart the Saints Row was announced in August last year and took many people by surprise. Despite the traditional atmosphere of gang warfare that established the saga, everything we saw in the first video was quite different: the atmosphere, the protagonists, the aesthetics… If at this stage you still have doubts that the new game will be completely different from the original, it’s good to prepare.

O Voxel was invited by Deep Silver (publisher) to watch a presentation without intervention (we didn’t play, we just saw a long gameplay) of the title. And we even had the opportunity to participate in a chat with part of the development team.

Before showing off the gameplay trailer, developer Volition’s team wrapped up the video below, which touches on the upcoming game’s customization. That’s important because it really showcases one of the mainstays of the new Game.

The degree of customization is impressive. In addition to more trivial aspects, such as skin color, eyes, hair, eyebrows, lips and body shape, it will be possible to put mechanical arms and legs, dozens of accessories and even fun pads in genital areas and nipples.

And it won’t just be the main character that the player can shape, as vehicles and weapons will also be customizable. The idea, according to the developers, is to make the experience in the city of Santo Ileso very personal.

truly open world

Moving on to never-before-seen material, the new gameplay footage began by giving an idea of ​​the size of Santo Ileso and will be open to exploration with nine districts and environments, from the most desert to the most urban.

Described as “vibrant”, the new world seems quite fun to explore by car, like a good game inspired by GTA. Walking through the streets, it was possible to observe that the lighting and shadow effects are very beautiful, as a title that will be released on PS5 and Xbox Series X should be.

To recreate the environments, the Volition team took inspiration from places such as New Mexico, Nevada and Dallas (USA). Regions were photographed and digitally transformed to generate a sense of reality and recognition in the landscapes.

“I’ve never seen a city like this in a game before,” said Volition Creative Director Brian Traficante.

The desert landscapes of Saints Row attract attention for their light and vegetation.

The promise is that there will be hundreds of ways to solve challenges and interact with Santo Ileso. In addition to the traditional car, the world can be explored with helicopters, tanks, jets, trucks, motorcycles and more.

In this exploration, the mobile phone – which will also be used for customization – will be one of the allies, since with it it will be possible to access the GPS and indicate points of interest. A fun tool is that some cars have ejectors that can be used to activate the wingsuit to glide through town. With the active wing, it will be possible to bounce in certain places to regain height and even land on vehicles, in a mechanic very similar to that of just cause.

Saints RowIn some parts of the game, it will be possible to pull out a guitar to sing and play with the crowd.

With these options, the player will have great freedom in defining how to access locations and complete challenges that involve mobility and destruction. And that brings us to the next topic.

fun fight

Although not revolutionary, the struggle of Saints Row looks like it will be one of the highlights of the title. The selection of weapons in the best roulette style shows that there will be several options, from the more traditional, such as pistols, shotguns and machine guns, to an electric bullet launcher.

The fun aspect continues. The player will be able to use unusual equipment, such as weapons that leave enemies in neon so they can be identified at night or create barriers.

In addition to ranged combat, there will also be the option of melee combat. The punching and kicking sequences have rhythm, and while they don’t come close to games like Arkham Seriesit will be very important to master the combos and be aware of enemy attacks.

Saints RowIf you can’t fight, you can run away from enemies in Saints Row.

The combat dynamics, which is based on the system called Flow, looks simple, but attracts attention to allow special moves and “advantages”. One of them is the iconic heron strike, in addition to a shot that takes a lot of health from enemies and can be a differential especially against gangs with physically stronger members, as is the case of Los Panteros. Meanwhile, the Idols group, which is the pink gang from the first trailer, will attack en masse.

Having the ability to face the executioners both “in hand” and with weapons allows for a mix of styles, increases the range of confrontation and gives some freedom to choose the best way to defeat rival bandits.

There will also be combat inside the vehicles. In the car, for example, you will have to face the police in chases. In these cases, it will be possible to hit the vehicles of the cops to damage and even blow up the pursuers.

SaintsThe shootings are going to be crazy in Saints Row.

If the player wishes, they can shoot from inside the vehicle and even climb into it, in case they need a better field of view – and more style. Still on the cops, an excerpt from the gameplay showed that it will be possible to steal their shield to make a face-to-face under cover.

missions and characters

Saints Row has frantic missions. One of the quests featured in the video is a robbery against Los Panteros, in which the player uses a helicopter to access another point in town and ends up encountering a group of the rival gang. From inside the flying vehicle, it will be possible to shoot enemies that are on the ground.

In order for players to have something to do in this huge world, there will also be alternative missions such as Side Hustles, called “new opportunities” to earn money. These secondary goals will also serve to provide experience that can be used to level up the character’s skill tree.

With money, there are dozens of options for what to do. The main one, which was shown in the video, is customization. Money can be used to purchase not only new clothes but also items to customize the Saints Headquarters, which is a meeting point for members of the game’s protagonist faction and you can earn statues and coins. other customizable objects.

Saints RowVolition joked and even showed Shrek as a customizable character.

By the way, the Saints are an interesting aspect of the reboot. Unlike the original title, the group is made up of more diverse members who bear little resemblance to what we stereotypically define as “bandits”.

In this new game, the player will continue to be the protagonist Boss and will aim to destroy rival groups to dominate Santo Ileso (with the support of Neenah, Kevin and Eli). However, this time the plot seems more “down to earth”.

Saints RowThe protagonists have been criticized for not looking like a “gang”.

The feeling that things are different from the original will also be in the colors, in the dialogues, in the city and in the objectives of the protagonists. The plot will show young people looking for money to pay off a student loan, for example. This change in direction has generated a lot of complaints, but the directors remain firm in the idea of ​​refreshing the series with elements that can generate more appeal for a large group of fans.

Why a reboot?

“Everything is different because we wanted to offer something totally new. And we’re excited to see [o jogo lançado]”Trafiquant said. “The best part [de trabalhar no reboot] that’s what we heard [dos jogadores]”, the director said with a laugh, suggesting that Volition didn’t care much about the criticism he was getting.

More seriously, he had already clarified that the developer did not want to make it only a spiritual successor, but a different work. And while fun, the project was challenging.

For everyone to have an unprecedented feeling while traveling the new Santo Ileso, the story has been reconstructed more seriously. This does not mean, however, that there is no humor. Rather the opposite.

“Everything is different because we wanted to offer something totally new,” says Traficante.

Saints Row

According to the producers, there will be some similarity in the humorous tone of Saints Row: The Third. The good mood will however be punctuated by moments of reflection. “Despite the absurd moments, we thought we had to offer emotion to the player. So, in some parts, there is a strong emotional problem behind it”, explained Jeremy Bernstein, author of the quest.

“It’s hard to keep the emotional part when there’s a character dressed as a hot dog, but we tried,” added Jennifer Campbell, the game’s scriptwriter.

Why play the new Saints Row?

Along with discussing why they realized the series needed a fresh start, Volition reps spoke at length about gameplay decisions. When asked if it would be possible to play in first person inside the car, Trafficker denied, noting that the fights in the vehicles were all imagined to be in third person.

Danielle Benthien, UI artist, specifies that the HUD can be modified and that elements can be placed at the bottom or at the top of the screen, at the player’s choice. It will also be possible to leave the display completely empty of information and to use the accessibility options. So, Saints Row it can be played by people with visual or motor impairments, having several levels of difficulty and resources to eliminate the need to press buttons for a long time, for example.

Another novelty – not so new to the series – is the co-op mode. It will be possible to play the entire campaign with a friend or alone, and some missions have been designed to be best enjoyed in company.

Saints RowSaints Row’s co-op mode will have mechanics to evolve both characters together.

The team further explained that some items will be unlockable, but it was unclear if there would be paid options, for example. And, in addition to simple aesthetic accessories, some of the customizations will be central to the plot, according to Kenzie Lindgren, user experience (UX) designer, who said the choice of clothing can even make it easier for certain factions to face each other. .

The dealer explained that the teams are already making the final adjustments to the game. Giving a reason for those who didn’t like the first trailers and the information released so far, the director said that in Saints Row it will be possible to do “virtually anything” in the streets of Santo Ileso.

“The player will be able to explore [a cidade] in hundreds of ways,” he said. “Each gameplay video will show the person playing in a different way. It may be the same mission, but everything will be different. We spread the activities all over the map and [o reboot de Saints Row] it’s a real sandbox,” he promised.

Originally scheduled to release on February 25, 2022, Saints Row It was postponed; now, the game is set to debut on August 23 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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