São José will have joint action in the fight against dengue fever this Saturday

Rodrigo Luiz Ribeiro

health secretary

The City Hall of São José dos Campos is organizing this Saturday (21), from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., D-Day against dengue fever, a large working group in partnership with other institutions to raise public awareness of the importance of fighting Aedes aegypti, the mosquito that transmits dengue fever. The municipality is on high alert and therefore the administration has intensified actions to contain the disease.

In this action, the focus will be on the southeast region of the city, which has concentrated a large number of cases (see neighborhoods below). The support base and the departure of the teams to the neighborhoods will be in a square near the Mini Shopping Castelli, which is located at Avenida João Rodolfo Castelli, 1661, in Putim.

On Thursday (19) and Friday (20), ACEs (Endemic Disease Control Officers) are scheduled to visit approximately 23,000 properties in the area to identify possible mosquito breeding sites and residents can place these items in front of them from their home on Saturday. , when the trucks of the Operação Casa Limpa will help with the collection.

Unnecessary objects that can be used as a fish tank are: cans, pots, bottles, canvas, toilets, buckets, drums, removable pools or any other container that accumulates water. Dirt, construction debris, boards, wood, old furniture, clothing, organic waste, leaves and pruning debris will not be picked up.

In addition to the Department of Health, the action will have the support of the Department of Maintenance of the City, the ACS (Community Health Workers), the Scouts, the Red Cross, among others.

Assessment of larval density

The Town Hall carried out the second ADL (Larvary Density Assessment) of 2022, with a record of 1.40 on the IB (Breteau Index). That is, according to the larval index, for 100 properties, 14 containers were found with larvae of the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

The number is 0.90 higher than that recorded in the same period in 2021, when the index was 0.50 – the recommended index is less than 1. Regardless of this result, based on the first ADL of 2022, held in January, the town hall had already intensified prevention and control actions in the regions that have seen the highest increase in BI.

The ADLs, which are carried out four times a year, once per quarter, are important to guide Aedes Aegypti control actions, including ACE visits to properties. Some residents have refused officers entry to properties, making it even more difficult to fight the disease.

The population can be reassured and consult the registration of professionals on the City Hall website. The Endemic Combat Agents are on the front line of the various actions carried out by the Town Hall to fight against Aedes aegypti, which in addition to Dengue fever, transmits diseases such as chikungunya and zika.

Preventive actions

The Town Hall, through the CCZ (Center for the Fight against Zoonoses), maintains several actions to fight against the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits arboviruses, in all regions of the city.

With the ACEs, the Municipality carries out visits to the properties with a work of education and orientation of the population on the risks of diseases and how to avoid containers that can accumulate water. Faced with the notification of positive cases of dengue fever, actions to control breeding sites and nebulization.

The population also has the Casa Limpa operation, where neighborhoods with the highest larval rates are visited with the aim of eliminating objects that could serve as breeding grounds for the mosquito that transmits dengue fever, chikungunya and zika.

The population can also help fight dengue fever by denouncing possible breeding grounds for mosquitoes by calling 156.

Landing quarters

Altos do Uirá, São José Farms, Military Police Housing Complexes, Nosso Teto Residential Complex, Souto Garden, Colorado Garden, Granja Garden, Lake Garden, Santa Fe Garden, Santa Júlia Garden, Santa Luzia Garden, Santa Rosa Garden , Saint Onofre Garden, Jardim São Leopoldo, Jardim Uirá, Martim Cererê Park, Santa Rita Park, Santos Dumont Park, Pernambuco, Pinheirinho dos Palmares, Portal dos Pássaros, Putim, Recanto das Jaboticabeiras, Recanto dos Eucaliptos, Recanto dos Nobres, Residential Bell Park, Residential Cambuí, Residencial Flamboyant, Residencial Jatobá, Residencial Juriti, Residencial Santa Rosa, Residencial São Francisco, São Judas Tadeu, Sítio Bom Jesus, Terra Brasilis, Vila Adriana, Vila Iracema, Vila Rica and Vila São Benedito.

health secretary

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