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Scarlett Johansson at the Independent Spirit Awards ceremony in March 2020.Richard Shotwell (AP)

The titanic struggle between Scarlett Johansson and the almighty Disney, which promised to forever change the rules of the game in Hollywood, ended in a draw. The actress and the studio announced Thursday afternoon the signing of an agreement to stop the lawsuit the actress filed in July in Los Angeles County Superior Court due to the company’s decision to debut simultaneously Black Widowa blockbuster featuring it, in cinemas, affected by the pandemic, and serving Diffusion from the entertainment giant. Johansson demanded compensation for the damages that this change of plans, aimed at promoting the digital platform Disney+would cause to your income.

In the contract signed four years ago, a percentage of the revenue the protagonist would receive should come from what would be collected in theaters. At that time, it was the film’s only release location.

Like almost everything in this story, which analysts were quick to classify as a before and after in the film industry this year, the amount of money that caused her to change her mind has not been disclosed. . It was also unclear how much the actress was losing. According to the producer, in an unprecedented maneuver, she received 20 million dollars (110 million reais) in base salary, a remuneration that is at the top of billings in Hollywood. The specialized press calculated between 30 and 50 million (164 million reais and 275 million reais) the drop in Johansson’s income due to the double start. Black Widow has been made available to Disney+ users for 30 dollars (164 reais).

“I am very happy that we have resolved our differences. I am extremely proud of the work done over the years and really appreciate the creative work done with the team. I hope our collaboration will continue for a long time,” said Johansson said in a statement. Alan Bergman, president of content at Disney Studios, spoke in similar terms, also with the hope that the collaboration will continue in the future. The Tower of Terrorone of those crossover projects where everything stays at home, so much to the taste of the company lately: the film is based on a Disneyworld attractionOrlando Park (Florida).

Seen in perspective, it seemed clear that the studio couldn’t afford the negative publicity of a showdown with a superstar that many other familiar faces were quick to sympathize with. And that’s considering that before the peace pipe, Disney was, in a rare occurrence, belligerent with the actress when she filed the lawsuit. The company accused her of “cruel indifference to the horrible and prolonged global effects of the pandemicin the motion picture entertainment industry.

These effects were the same ones that delayed the premiere of Black Widow. It was scheduled for May 2020 and was finally released in theaters and on the platform on July 9. In its opening weekend, it grossed $80 million (435 million reais) in the United States, a disappointing figure for a Marvel Universe production (in which Johansson played the same character). In August, the company said it raised $125 million in streaming and $367 million in theaters. Again, little money compared to previous films.

How remember magazine The Hollywood Reporter, leading Los Angeles outlet and first to report the deal, Warner Bros., which decided to launch its entire catalog in 2021 with the same hybrid model, agreed to pay substantial sums – around $200 million (billions of reais) – to compensate your stars for lost revenue. Disney showed other blockbusters this year (Cruel, Jungle Cruise) following this model, although without legal consequences.

The studio plans to return to the exclusive theatrical release path in its upcoming cinematic events, including the long-awaited version of Steven Spielberg’s musical. West Side Story.

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