Season 2 premiere date confirmed on Netflix

Since when it debuted on Netflix in late 2020, Love and Anarchy became one of the service’s excellent romantic dramas. The series created by Lisa Langseth, of Euphoria, takes us to see an adventure of a mature woman, who decides to change her life.

comedy drama Love and Anarchy revolves around Sofie, a successful consultant and young computer scientist, calls Max. The young man works in an old publishing house and Sofie is hired to restructure the place.

Shortly after a sudden encounter, a game of flirting and silly dares begins between the two. However, it gets bolder and more murderous as the series progresses. Soon, this begins to affect various facets of their personal lives. However, the most shaken becomes Sofie’s marriage.

Love and Anarchy was a milestone in Nordic television, as it broke several paradigms since its launch. Now the series is returning for Season 2 on Netflix and in turn, here’s what we know.

Love and Anarchy Season 2 premiere on Netflix

In recent days, Netflix released a trailer, along with the premiere date for season 2 of Love and Anarchy. The new episodes arrive in the catalog the day June 16. In the trailer, the service says:

Sofie, Max and the Lund & Lagerstedt team are finally back! Get ready for more drama, more anarchy, and lots of love.

Watch the trailer:

What to expect from Season 2 Love and Anarchy?

At the end of season 1 Love and Anarchy, Sofie grows tired of her relationship with Johan. So he goes to the office to find Max. It shows how tired she is of her marriage and how much the young man has revived her. Therefore, the new year of the series will show the future of the new couple. Despite this, Sofie said she wasn’t sure exactly what would happen from now on.

Another important point is Sofie’s relationship with her father. The series shows his frequent presence in the psychiatric clinic. In this way, the relationship between the two was greatly damaged.

THE netflix released the official synopsis for season 2 of Love and Anarchy. It is written there:

“In season 2, Sofie is divorced and tries to build a new life for herself and Max. But, due to unforeseen events, she finds herself facing a crisis, with serious consequences for her relationship with Max. Things The small publishing house Lund & Lagerstedt, meanwhile, is doing its best to adapt to the conservatism of the literary world and, at the same time, take advantage of the new opportunities of modern society. It doesn’t take long for the conflicts between the new and the old, and between desire and financial reality to begin, but what is right and what is wrong, what is What’s normal and what’s abnormal, what’s real and what really matters?Amidst this chaos, our characters try to understand love, life and themselves.

Cast: Who’s Coming Back?

Image: Disclosure/Netflix

Of course, season 2 of Love and Anarchy should return with almost all of the main cast. The names include Ida Engvoll as Sofie, a married mother of two who is hired as a consultant at a former publishing house.

She is joined by Björn Mosten as Max, a young computer technician with whom Sofie begins a flirtatious relationship. Additionally, the main cast is rounded out by Reine Brynolfsson as Friedrich, Björn Kjellman as Ronny, Gizem Erdogan as Denise, and Johannes Bah Kuhnke as Johan, among others.

Lisa Langseth and Alex Haridi are the writers for this season, while Emma Bucht directed the episodes alongside Lisa, who also serves as an executive producer. Frida Asp and Fatima Varhos are the producers of the series with Pontus Edgren serving as executive producer.

So look forward to the 2nd season of Love and Anarchy?

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