See Por Mim has a great premise and a cast overshadowed by lukewarm suspense

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For the vast majority of people, home is one of the few truly safe places in a world of uncertainty. The appeal of the home invasion subgenre is precisely to upend this notion, which is why works like foreigners Where gratuitous violence are so fascinating and morbid. But there is a way to make the whole situation even worse: when in addition to having your house invaded, you cannot even protect yourself.

In look through mecanadian thriller Randall Okita (The crocheter), a visually impaired young woman is hired to take care of the house of a wealthy woman. Her night turns into a nightmare when she receives a visit from thieves, and she needs the help of a strange video call to find her bearings.

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Title: See For Me

Directed by: Randall Okita

Screenplay: Adam Yorke and Tommy Gushue

Release date: June 23, 2022 (Brazil)

Country of origin: Canada

Duration: 1h32

Synopsis: A young blind woman experiences a nightmare when the house she cares for is invaded by three burglars. His only way to survive is through an app, where a former soldier assists him via video call.

Following a protagonist with some sort of disability isn’t exactly new to horror, which has seen a wide variety of titles from A light in the darkness (1967) at Hush: death hears (2016). What is striking here is the fact that Skyler Davenportinterpreter of the protagonist, is actually a disabled person, and brings a whole new layer of authenticity to the project.

Young Sophie (Davenport) is a former ski medalist who finds herself sidelined from the sport after her sight is damaged. Frustrated, she begins to take jobs as a caregiver not only for the money, but also to loot the houses she is in charge of. He’s a surprisingly complex character, with no clear and well-defined morals. Sometimes she is a victim, sometimes she is an accomplice, and she struggles internally with the difficulty of knowing when to turn around and when to ask for help.

The film is fascinating when it comes to understanding how to convey the young woman’s troubled and stubborn perspective, and Okita’s direction sometimes gets the way the viewer and protagonist explore the setting together. With a talented performer in the protagonist, a strong supporting role in Jessica ParkerKennedy (the flash) – who plays the ocular assistant Kelly, as stubborn as Sophie – and a good premise, look through me you hold all the cards, but you can’t create something really exciting.

Jessica Parker Kennedy plays Kelly, a former military man who helps Sophie from a distance.

If Randall Okita’s staging succeeds in immersing the spectator in Sophie’s gaze during the first moments, the situation only needs to get a little more complicated for the director to give up the approach which is precisely the specificity of the project. . As much as the young woman is disoriented in a huge, dark house, relying only on Kelly’s remote assistance to get out of it in the midst of the occupation of three robbers, the viewer feels little fear or confusion.

Despite having the perfect opportunity to do so, the filmmaker doesn’t limit the audience’s gaze, which creates distance from the character and calms much of the tension that might arise in the situation. This balcony which devoted, for example, The Man in the Darknesswho could imagine a stuffy sensory nightmare in which every step could be a misstep and the consequences of being overheard were dire.

A non-binary and visually impaired person, Skyler Davenport brings a lot of authenticity to the protagonist of Veja Por Mim

The suspense leaves something to be desired, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely absent. There are moments that show the full potential the work could achieve, uniting Skyler Davenport’s talent for a nuanced performance with Okita’s good eye, such as when Sophie is forced to evade a police officer who is going to investigate the premises.

The scene highlights several third-party traps that can jeopardize his cover, such as the concern of Kelly and another friend, whose nuisance calls arouse suspicion in the police officer searching the house. The passage is one of the rare moments when look through me it gets really suffocating, and while it’s an enjoyable experience until the end, nothing else comes close.

Watching Por Mim suffers from weak suspense, but there are some great moments, like the scene with the policewoman

It’s worth noting that this is still Randall Okita’s second film, so it’s common that his technique still needs polishing. In any event, look through me it’s solid enough to hold the viewer over for its entire duration, but without anything impactful or memorable to live up to its grand premise, sensibility, and performer.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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