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the age of streaming is officially among us. Now almost every studio has its own platform or partners. One of them is Mercado Livre with Disney Plus, which gives you the option of subscribing to the service using points made available by Mercado Pontos. Basically, depending on the amount, you get monthly fee discounts.

We agree that paying a lot less is interesting, after all, you can be a customer and access Disney Plus and Star+, the platform with the most “adult” Disney productions. The system is very simple and can even make the customer pay no monthly fees for a certain period. It depends, of course, on the Mercado Libre services score.

Did you like the idea? Continue reading the text. We will show you how the system works and the prices, as well as a comparison with the charges without discount.

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Disney Plus: streaming from the American giant

In 2020, Disney launched its streaming service, featuring exclusive content and classic productions from the studio. who signs the Disney+ you can watch animations like “Lady and the Tramp” to recent productions like “WandaVision”.

The operation follows the line of previous platforms, such as netflix. You choose a plan, how you will pay and take advantage of all the catalog available. In addition, Disney Plus also receives productions released in cinemas, such as the films “Cruella” and “Black Widow”.


As you can see, Disney Plus is aimed at a younger audience, almost children and teenagers. Therefore, the studio launched another streaming option, Star+. With it, the customer has access to the highest rated series and films, for 14 and 16 year olds for example.

Star+ also features productions from former 20th Century Fox, a studio previously purchased by Disney. Therefore the Star+ it has classic series like “The Simpsons” and sports channels like ESPN and Fox Sports.

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Mercado Livre and Disney Plus: how does it work?

Consider competing with the services of Amazon Prime, Mercado Livre allied with Disney. The operation is very simple, you have discounts on product deliveries and access to the platform’s productions. Plus, if you subscribe to Disney Plus through Mercado Libre, you get a series of discounts.

However, it is important to understand that they vary depending on the user’s points in Mercado Livre. It works like this: as you use the services, whether to sell or buy products on the site, there is an exact score, between 1 and 6. The number represents how much less you pay in the monthly fee.

Advantages of Mercado Livre and Disney Plus

Let’s see what discounts look like in practice. The logic is simple: with a rating of 1 you pay a little more and with a rating of 6 you pay much less. Below we show you what the scheme would look like if you choose to subscribe to the Disney Plus and Star+ Combo.

  • 1: BRL 41.70 (Savings of BRL 4.20);
  • 2: BRL 38.90 (Savings of BRL 7);
  • 3: BRL 33.36 (savings of BRL 12.54);
  • 4: BRL19.46 (Savings of BRL26.44);
  • 5: BRL 13.90 (Savings of BRL 32);
  • 6: Free.

To get an idea, if you subscribe to the direct combo with Disney, you will pay R$45.90 per month, without the annual plan option. With Mercado Livre, even having only a level 1 discount, you can save up to R$4.20. Let’s be honest, not spending that amount per month saves you money.

Other benefits

As we mentioned earlier, there are even more benefits to subscribing to Mercado Livre and Disney Plus. Customers get free shipping on purchases over R$79 or 45% off if the value is less than that. If you want access to other streaming services, such as HBO Max and Paramount+, Mercado Livre is offering up to 50% off subscriptions.

How to connect Mercado Livre to Disney Plus?

  1. Access site;
  2. Go directly to the top right, where the option to subscribe to services is displayed;
  3. Log in and click the subscribe button;
  4. Choose how to pay and already check the discount level;
  5. You bind the account and go directly to the service websites to finalize.

If you already have an account on one of the platforms (Disney Plus and Star+), you will need to cancel your subscriptions before continuing. This way, you avoid having two different accounts to pay or not being able to connect to Mercado Livre.

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Disney+ for free!

Did you think it was worth it? The possibility of having Disney Plus and Star+ for free is very interesting. With this, the user can focus on subscribing to other content or even save money. However, be aware when finalizing the purchase, sometimes prices change over time and keep an eye on the type of plan.

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