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THE Disney+ announced more than 20 titles coming to its catalog in January. One of the highlights is the movie “eternal”, which will be available from 12.

The work expands the Marvel Cinematic Universe and explains the origin of the “Eternals”, a team descended from the first beings that inhabited Earth – called “Celestials”. They were born out of the experiments of their own creators, who wanted the group to become the defenders of the humans of the planet.

All of them have distinct abilities and powers such as immortality, manipulation of cosmic energy, speed, self-transformation and others. Its members are considered the perfection of human evolution.

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However, during the attempts, the Celestials also created an opposing race: the “Deviants”. They are amorphous and unstable creatures, destined for destruction. An example of this species is Thanos, a villain who was present in the last two Avengers movies. After a series of threats, the Eternals will have to return to planet Earth.

There will still be the release of “Ice Age: The Adventures of Buckwhich continues the “Ice Age” franchise. In prehistoric times, Buck, Crash, Eddie and their new friends embark on a quest to save the “Lost World” from the dinosaurs.

Another title will be the documentary series “Volunteers: All for science”. In this content, presenter Rafael Cortez guides the audience through various scientific theories. From recurring everyday questions, he will prove scientific aspects with his own body.

Already “twirltells the story of Rhea, a young woman passionate about creating DJ mixes. In her daily life, she spends time with her group of friends, at her programming club, and at her family’s Indian restaurant. The situation changes when she falls in love with Max, a budding DJ.

Disney+ in January

– Volunteers: All for science
– Bananas in pajamas (season 4)
– The Secret World of Polar Bears (Season 1)

– Twirl
– Marvel Rising: ghost hunting

– Eternal
– Viola and Tambot (season 1)
– House of Raven (season 4)
– Critter Fixers: Animal Hospital (Season 1)

– Chichén Itzá: The legend of the cave
– Tutankhamun in color
– Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron

– The world according to Jeff Goldblum
– Star Wars: Ewoks (seasons 1 and 2)
– Cesar Millan: Best Humans, Best Dogs (season 1)
– Miraculous: The Adventures of Ladybug (season 4)

– Marvel Rising: Battle of the Bands

– Amphibia (season 3)
– Bluey (season 2)
– Secrets of the Zoo (season 4)

– Ice Age: The Adventures of Buck
– Revolution of the Polynesians
– Marvel Rising: Operation Shuri

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