Sérgio Conceição risks missing the Portuguese Cup final

CD has prioritized the garage trial and a conviction as early as Thursday is not out of the question. The hearing of Frederico Varandas, for his remarks on Pinto da Costa, is scheduled for the week. Vítor Baía, Rui Cerqueira and Sérgio Conceição are heard this Thursday.

Sérgio Conceição runs the risk of not sitting on the bench in the Portuguese Cup final with Tondela next Sunday. Due to the series of dates that the Disciplinary Board followed to judge the so-called “garage case”, which came out of FC Porto-Sporting, in the second round of the championship ended, Porto players understand that the CD may want to condemn the process tomorrow, in time for a decision that could remove the coach from Jamor.

At the origin of this reflection, there are the combinations of the audiences of this process with that of Frederico Varandas, also from the aforementioned classic.

Varandas is responsible for the statements he made, in the Dragon’s conference room, at the end of the match, which were the direct cause of the alleged subsequent friction with the defendants Vítor Baía, Rui Cerqueira and Sérgio Conceição. The Sporting chairman was approached on the way between the venue and the team bus, allegedly with insults and a subsequent slap in the face as he tried to film the incident.

However, since the statements were public and filmed, the Varandas trial is much simpler, from a legal point of view, than the posthumous challenge. Despite this, the CD filed a complaint on May 10 (the day after having done so against Baía, Cerqueira and Conceição) and set a hearing for May 24, the week after the Cup final.

The hearing of the defendants in the garage trial was initially scheduled for yesterday, May 17, and then for May 19, tomorrow, due to the impediment of FC Porto’s lawyer, Nuno Brandão. It is this acceleration that leads Porto players to guess a sentence before deciding with Tondela.

Although in the history of other Disciplinary Boards such a quick sentence is not completely unheard of, the truth is that after hearing from some THE GAME experts it would be, at the very least, a very unusual procedure , although not impractical. Of the three involved, Baía, Cerqueira and Conceição, only the coach can suffer practical consequences, if found guilty and punished with a suspension.

A technician risks a month to two years of suspension

Drawn up mainly on the basis of the testimonies of five elements of Sporting – among which that of the president Frederico Varandas -, the accusation of the Commission of Instructors considers that, in the case of Sérgio Conceição, the offense provided for in article 136 of the Discipline Rules, concerning attack on honor and reputation and slanderous denunciation.

In the case of a repeat offender, the penal framework provides, without taking into account any mitigating circumstances, a suspension of between a minimum of one month and a maximum of two years.

Vítor Baía is charged for the same reason, as well as for assault, provided for in article 131, which supposes a suspension, in legal terms, from two months to three years. Finally, Rui Cerqueira responds for assault and, as he was considered a repeat offender, faces a sentence of between three months and three years.

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