Sesa integrates the homeless as a priority group for the flu

The Department of Health (Sesa) published, this Wednesday (18), Technical Note No. 14/2022, which includes another priority group in the 24th National Flu Vaccination Campaign: homeless people. With this, the municipalities of Espírito Santo are authorized to start vaccinating this group. The measure aims to protect this population due to the vulnerability it presents and the estimate is to be able to immunize just over 2,400 homeless people throughout Espírito Santo, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

“We guide and recommend the municipalities of Espírito Santo to carry out actions outside the walls, in search of this population, for vaccination. It is a very vulnerable group, even more in the period that we are living with the drop in temperatures, in addition to the seasonality of respiratory diseases, “said the coordinator of the State Program of Vaccination and Surveillance of Immunopreventable Diseases at the Sesa, Danielle Grillo.

According to the coordinator, the doses intended for the campaign will also be used in this population, since it is a small population group and would not impact the total doses made available by the Ministry of Health. Danielle Grillo, however, clarified that the doses intended for groups that have a vaccination objective are guaranteed and that they must present themselves to the health service to be vaccinated until June 3, the end date of the campaign.

“Children, the elderly, pregnant women and postpartum women are the most vulnerable groups to develop a more severe case of influenza, in addition to the susceptibility of health workers, locals and teachers. It is therefore to these groups that the Ministry of Health has set a vaccination target of 90%. However, we observed poor adhesion. Our request is that if the person is part of one of these groups, they must seek the health facility closest to the residence to be vaccinated,” added Danielle Grillo.

What are the priority groups for influenza?

In addition to children, the elderly, pregnant women, postpartum women, health workers, natives and teachers, groups that have a vaccination objective, the 24th National Flu Immunization Campaign also includes other priority groups, and without target, whose doses are available in health units across the state.

They are: people with comorbidities; people with a permanent disability; truck’s driver; Collective road transport workers Urban and long distance passengers; port workers; Security and rescue forces; Armed forces; employees of the custodial system; population deprived of liberty and adolescents and young people in socio-educational measures. And now, the inclusion of the homeless.

Influenza vaccination coverage

Until this Thursday (19), the vaccination coverage of the groups with a target recommended by the Ministry of Health is 50.26% for the elderly; 42.39% for health workers; 26.19% for children; 18.17% for the indigenous population; 15.63% for pregnant women; 9.46% for postpartum women; and 4.94% for teachers.

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