Simu Liu AKA Shang-Chi Explains His Criticism of Moon Knight Actor

moon knight recently came to an end on Disney Plus in recent weeks and is already one of Marvel’s most beloved series for its ambition and decoupling from the studio’s other productions.


But the series is not without criticism, quite the contrary. Even the Mandarin accent of Ethan Hawke was criticized, and not by one person, for Simu Liuthe star of Shang Chi.

Even the impeccable performance of Oscar Isaac was criticized for the accent, as the actor’s British accent when in the Steven Grant persona did not sit well with some people.

But Simu Liu’s case gets more attention because it’s a criticism coming straight from a great Marvel actor, albeit in a joking tone. Simu commented that Arthur Harrow “needs to fire his Mandarin teacher”, inadvertently sparking a social media storm.

And during a recent interview with British GQ, Simu Liu explained the comments he made criticizing Arthur Harrow’s use of Mandarin in moon knight.

He comments that it was more of a situation where there was a translator involved who perhaps shouldn’t be involved and notes how difficult it is to learn Mandarin:

“I think there might be a misconception that Marvel is this kind of monolithic, all-powerful single organism with infinite resources. I think it’s easy to blame Marvel as a whole. If you really dig, there was a translator who probably shouldn’t have been a translator.

There were probably people in the decision-making process who should have signaled that they didn’t. I fully appreciate the fact that Mandarin is not an easy language. I didn’t want to make it a big political thing. I just wanted to make fun of it because the sound coming out of that man’s mouth didn’t sound like Mandarin at all. »

Simu Liu is one of the biggest fans of Marvel projects as a whole, constantly commenting on them on his social media, and the actor couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share his thoughts on them. moon knight pass, however, generated more controversy than he expected.

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The series follows Steven Grant, a polite gift shop employee, who is plagued by blackouts and memories from another life and discovers he has dissociative identity disorder and shares his body with the mercenary Marc Spector. As Steven/Marc’s enemies converge on them, they must navigate their complex identities as they enter a deadly mystery between the mighty gods of Egypt.

In addition to keeping the origin of the hero in the comics, rumors point out that the series could have links with the future film of the blade in the MCU, as well as the certainty that we will see the moon knight appearing in other Marvel movies!

Surprising everyone, the actor Oscar Isaac (from Star Wars and X-Men: Apocalypse) has been confirmed as Marc Spector, the series’ protagonist! In addition to him, the administrators are confirmed Mohammad Diab, Aaron Moorehead and Justin Benson. Like the screenwriters Jeremy Slater (Umbrella Academy), who will lead the creative team, and Beau De Mayo (the witcher). All SIX EPISODES of the series are available now on Disney+.

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