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Sony continues to invest in different ranges of headphones and earphones, seeking to meet all the needs of its users. In the headphone segment, new The LinkBuds range aims to be smaller, lighter and more ergonomic, so you don’t have to remove them from your ear during daily activities. Or at least until your battery runs out. You headphones are always on, as they have an open designwith a rim-shaped diaphragm, so it doesn’t block out external sounds.

Months later, Sony presents a variation of the segment, the LinkBuds S, a more “lite” version, available in three colors: black, white and cream. These will be ideal for shorter sessions of use, whether listening to music, podcasts and other familiar uses. According to Victor Gorina, product manager at Sony, this new model is lighter and smaller, but with the same superior noise cancellation. Sony says they’re 84% smaller than Previous models WF-1000XM4measuring 3.2 cm.

Sony explained that the system uses artificial intelligence to improve sound during calls, asserting itself as the best in this characteristic. And its packaging is intended to be environmentally friendly, without using plastic. Explaining the difference between the LinkBuds S and the standard model, Victor Gorina says that they are smaller and therefore less autonomous, being used in shorter sessions, unlike the first model which encourages all-day use. They are suitable for students who wish to concentrate on their studies or for those who use public transport and wish to reduce the noise around them. Physically, this new model lacks the circular ring system of the former, thus isolating all outside sounds.

See in the gallery images of the Sony LinkBuds S earphones:

However, Sony says that succeeded in reducing the size of the board, using the same components of the equipment. The new V1 processor is smaller and offers better power consumption. The headset fits snugly in the ear, keeping it securely in place even when you make sudden head movements.

O Noise cancellation was also not affected by the miniaturization of the equipment, as they are the same sensors as the WF-1000XM3 model. And its driver is also able to react quickly to the wave of cancellations. He also has a new exterior cladding, which helps reduce wind noise. It is able to detect when the user is running or walking normally and adjust its noise reduction system. Its processor promises to more effectively distinguish the sound of a call or music from surrounding noise.

equipment still uses AI to, through microphones, separate voice from noise. Its deep learning system used 500 million samples to train the AI ​​and deliver better performance.

The system is compatible with usage monitoring apps, providing data on time spent listening to music. It is used to control children, especially for those who are worried about excessive use of equipment. As well can be used to control artificial intelligence systems such as Google Assistant and Alexa. The volume adaptation system is also adjusted automatically depending on where it is used. You can adjust to cancel noise but keep voice. Detects voice when you start a conversation with someoneby downloading the sound of music, for example.

Sony says headphones can be easily paired to a computer via Bluetooth or with Android devices. It also has IPX4 protection, which makes it resistant to rain, but you cannot dive with it. As for your autonomy, can last 6 hours, plus 14 in its carrying case, adding up to 20 hours of battery life. A 5 minute charge allows you to use the headphones for approximately 1 hour.

Sony LinkBuds S” data-title=”Sony LinkBuds S – Sony LinkBuds S offers superior noise cancellation, ideal for concentrating on studying or working – SAPO Tek”> Sony LinkBuds S

The functionality of the headphones three additional sizes of the small in-ear rubbers, from the smallest to the largest, easily adapting to any user. There is no multipoint connection for this model and for the iPhone it does not have fast connectivity. They also do not support wireless charging.

To demonstrate the capability of the headsets, Sony has partnered with Niantic for the augmented reality game Ingress. Players will be able to have a notion of spatial sound, promising a more immersive experiencesince the sounds are delivered according to the direction in which they look.

O the model costs 200 euros, with a launch scheduled for May 20 and will serve as a reinforcement for the new LinkBuds family on which Sony is betting.

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