Spider-Man animated series: which are the best and where to watch

As one of the most famous comic book heroes, it’s only natural that the Spider Man have several animations on your resume. Even before being a resounding success in cinemas, Amigão da Vizinhança was already doing well on television with popular cartoons that, regardless of the era, marked the childhood of many people.

And that’s no exaggeration, since the hero’s first animated series aired in 1967, five years after his first appearance in comics. Since then it has been 55 years with several appearances in the most different types of drawings, from the most serious to children’s drawings, through futuristic experiments and even invested in the world of 3D.

What is curious is that despite this very rich history, there are few Spider-Man animations that can be found on streaming services. Older designs, like the 1967 series itself, made famous by memes, or the one in which Peter Parker had a lab hidden in Aunt May’s bedroom, are not available on any platform.

On the other hand, the latest series are all available by weight. And that’s good, because they’re the ones bringing the most interesting approaches to the character, adapting iconic comic book sagas and modernizing various elements for new audiences.

Of course, not all of them got the tone right, but there are some who did it so well that it became a classic. So, for those who are still in the mood to Spider-Man: No Coming Home and want to immerse yourself more in the adventures of the friendly neighborhood, discover the best drawings to kill the desire of Peter Parker.

There wasn’t a kid who didn’t get mad when it was on TV (Image: Reproduction/Fox Kids)

Okay, putting this cartoon on the best list is pushing the bar a bit, but there’s no question of not talking about the animation that represents the abyss into which comics sank in the 1990s.

Before the success of the first film, Spider-Man: Unlimited Action was the attempt to wonder upgrade the hero. To do this, she took him to another world – the infamous Counter-Earth. Thus, the character who has always been loved for his adventures in the neighborhoods of New York will find himself in a cyberpunk universe full of futuristic and mutant enemies (not from the X-Men) and many technological elements that had nothing to do with Wall Climber. .

The big point was that Action unlimited tried to capitalize on the success of future batman to also register Spider-Man in this imagination of the time. But nothing worked there, from the decor to the story to the strange uniform. Still, it’s worth remembering.

Spidey is a great animation to introduce the hero to the little ones (Image: Handout/Disney+)

Although it is a very childish animation, Spidey and his spectacular friends It’s a great way to introduce the hero to toddlers. With very simple adventures, it features all the core dynamics of who Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and Gwen Stacy are, along with iconic villains and even other Marvel heroes.

What’s most striking here is how it leverages what we’ve seen in Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse. In addition to the other two heroes appearing alongside Parker, the animation also features the female version of Doctor Octopus, making his influence very clear.

Still, it’s a great choice for those with kids, younger siblings, or even that little cousin who visits and is old enough to learn that with great power comes great responsibility.

The animation borrows from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Font (Image: Playback/Disney XD)

Released in 2017, the latest Spider-Man animation is already clearly inspired and influenced by the version of the hero who appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), by the spiderverse and even by the game of PlayStation 4.

So, because it’s precisely this great mix of more modern versions of the character, the cartoon is one of those that engages young audiences the best, starring Peter Parker alongside Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy. Moreover, the fact that the trio are portrayed as teenagers who need to be heroes between one class and another helps with this identification.

An animation that even brings Squirrel Girl can’t be wrong (Image: Playback/Disney)

One of Marvel’s most recent forays into Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man picks up on the old dynamic of having the hero act side-by-side with other publisher names, which is always a big ask.

Thus, we have adventures that put Peter to work with Nova and his cosmic powers or that must solve neighborhood problems alongside Iron Fist and Luke Cage. All of this from a Peter still early in his career training with SHIELD

In addition, the animation knows how to take advantage of the humor so characteristic of Spider to create amusing scripts and superb dialogues. While the stories aren’t very memorable, Peter’s whole relationship with his allies and even villains makes every episode interesting.

The Amazing Spider-Man was responsible for making Peter a teenager again (Image: Reproduction/Sony Pictures Television)

Don’t be fooled by the most cartoonish trait: The spectacular Spider-Man This is one of the best animations in Friendly Neighborhood. Produced by the same people who went through the excellent young justicefrom DC, the series does a great job of modernizing the hero and bringing him into the new times.

Released in 2008, it was she who returned to make Peter Parker the teenager who has to deal with the Green Goblin and Venom while running so as not to miss the test at school. It sounds innocuous, but it was a game-changer at a time when the hero had been portrayed as an adult for years.

Saddest of all is that despite being one of the hero’s best animations and an audience favorite, it ended up being canceled due to Marvel’s buying process by disney. As it was produced by sonyentanglements with character rights end the plot without delivering a worthy one.

It’s really hard to compete with the 1994 cartoon (Image: Playback/Disney+)

The first place on our list could not be other than the classic design Spider Man from 1994, the one which was replayed until exhaustion in Brazil and which introduced the character to a whole generation when the films were still only a distant dream.

But the animation is good for way beyond nostalgia and manages to adapt several iconic comic arcs very well, in addition to introducing plenty of villains and unsung heroes for those who weren’t very fond of comics. So much so that a lot of people knew about the Punisher and Daredevil there – although the voice acting at the time called the characters by other names.

In retrospect, it’s odd to see the muscular Peter Parker from the cartoon, but there’s a good reason for it. Unlike today, where the character is viewed as that school-aged teenager, the hero image back then was still one that came from the 1977 series, starring Nicholas Hammond. So much so that the drawing is identical to the actor.

Yet it was with the 1994 animation that we fell in love with Mary Jane, feared the Green Goblin, and saw that Spidey is still capable of taking on Venom, Carnage, and the Kingpin. And to top it off, it’s the only animation where Parker comes face to face with Stan Lee.

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