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THE Free market announced a novelty that should appeal to regular e-commerce buyers: customers who reach level 6 of the loyalty program Market Points will have a free subscription to Disney+ and also from Star+new department Diffusion with more “adult” content. Customers in lower categories will receive a discount on video apps.

Star+ arrives in Brazil on August 31 (Image: Reproduction)

Level 6 is the highest status in the points market, and to enter the category, it is necessary to achieve the minimum score of 4,500 points. Every R$3 spent is worth one point, i.e. you have to spend R$13,500 on Mercado Livre to reach the goal.

In addition to purchases on Mercado Livre, there are other ways to accumulate points through the Mercado Pago digital wallet, such as prepaid recharge or Bilhete Único, face-to-face payments via QR Code or vehicle rental.

It should be noted that the accumulated points are valid for a period of one year. Tier 6 customers who drop below 4,500 points will be downgraded and lose the benefit.

Mercado Livre sells Level 6 subscription

THE Mercado Livre has also started selling subscriptions for level 6 of Mercado Pago. The prices vary according to the level of origin in the loyalty program:

Origin Level Market Points Level 6 Upgrade Price
Level 1 BRL41.70 per month
Level 2 BRL38.92 per month
Level 3 BRL33.36 per month
Level 4 BRL19.46 per month
level 5 BRL13.90 per month

In addition to free Star+ and Disney+, Tier 6 guarantees discounts on HBO Max, Paramount+ and Deezer. Members of this category are also entitled to free shipping on purchases over R$79 or discounted shipping on orders below this amount.

Discount on the Disney + and Star + combo for Mercado Pontos

The Disney+ combo with Star+ is cheaper for frequent Mercado Livre users:

Market Level Points Disney+ and Star+ combo price
Level 1 BRL41.90 per month
Level 2 BRL38.90 per month
Level 3 BRL33.50 per month
Level 4 BRL19.50 per month
level 5 BRL13.90 per month
level 6 Free

Originally, the Disney+ combo with Star+ will sell for R$45.90 per month. The new Star+ will cost R$32.90 separately in the monthly plan, while the annual modality is priced at R$329.90 (equivalent to R$27.50 per month).

Mercado Pontos users only interested in Disney+ are eligible for free monthly subscriptions, and the free period varies by program level:

Market Level Points free disney+
Level 1 2 months
Level 2 2 months
Level 3 2 months
Level 4 Four months
level 5 Four months
level 6 Free

What’s on Star+?

Star+ is Disney’s streaming service with “less childish” content. The app will host titles from the former 21st Century Fox and feature movies, series and live sports.

Among the highlights, the Star+ catalog will include all 31 seasons of The simpsonsin addition to series such as This Is UsModern FamilyThe Walking DeadGrey’s Anatomy and family guy. Speaking of movies, the collection includes the saga dead Poolin addition to successes such as Bohemian Rhapsody, The Devil Wears Prada and Logan.

The Modern Family: Fox series will be available on Star+ (Image: Handout)

Another important aspect of Star+ is sports. The service will have live broadcasts of CONMEBOL Libertadores, UEFA, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and U.S. Open.

Like the main streaming services, Star+ will also offer original productions. Love, Victor is an example derived from the LGBTQIA+ film With love, Simon.

Star+ will be available from August 31. The app is virtually identical to Disney+ and will be available on web, iOS, androidsmart TVs and other connected devices.

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