Ten US states have already banned abortion in most cases | UNITED STATES

The same day as the The conservative majority of the United States Supreme Court struck down the constitutional right to abortion, ten US states – Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah and Wisconsin – have terminated this right in most cases. It only took a few minutes for Missouri to claim … Read more

Scientists find that the spread of breast cancer accelerates during sleep

© Gonçalo Villaverde/Global Images Forlusa June 23, 2022 • 07:34 The scientific community believed that breast tumors continually release metastatic cells, but a scientific team Swiss found that cancer cells that circulate and later metastasize mainly occur during the sleep phase. This is the main conclusion of a study involving 30 patients and mouse models … Read more

UK makes vaccines available for gays and bisexuals

© Said Khatib/AFP Forlusa June 22, 2022 • 06:43 O UK will begin making vaccines available to certain men who have sex with men who are at greater risk of contracting the monkeypox virus, health officials said Tuesday. British. Related Monkeypox virus “identified in semen” of patients. Sexual transmission is not “excluded” Monkeypox epidemic in … Read more

Assault on the Capitol. Commission puts Trump at center of ‘coup attempt’ | donald trump

The House Committee investigating Donald Trump’s role in the Capitol heist said Thursday the assault was not a spontaneous moment, but an “attempted coup” in which the former president played a role. central role. in the presentation of first conclusions on the investigationthe commission released a never-before-seen 12-minute video featuring moments from the violent invasion … Read more

Trump Criticizes Gun Sales Controls, Calls for ‘Armed Citizens’ | UNITED STATES

Former US President Donald Trump on Friday accused members of the Democratic Party of “politicizing” the filming in a primary school of Texas that killed 19 children and two teachers, criticizing “grotesque efforts” to control arms sales. “When Joe Biden blamed the lobby weapons, he was talking about Americans like you and he suggested that … Read more

‘How to Kill Your Husband’ Author Really Murdered Husband, Jury Decides | Crime

Four years after the death of her husband, the American Nancy Crampton Brophy, author of the essay how to kill your husband, has been condemned. After 28 days of trial and eight hours of deliberations, the jury on Wednesday found the writer “guilty” of the murder of her husband, Daniel Brophy, which occurred on June … Read more

The children murdered at school belonged to the same class. What do we know about the Texas massacre? | WE

Nineteen children and two adults died within two days of the end of the school year. This, for now, is the deadliest attack on American schools in the last ten years – you have to go back to 2012 and Sandy Hook, also an elementary school. The shooter was an 18-year-old boy, Salvador Ramos, who … Read more

Shooting in an elementary school in Texas: 18 children and a teacher killed | UNITED STATES

At least 18 children and a teacher died on Tuesday May 24 in a shooting at an elementary school in South Texas, according to local media. The shooting took place at Robb Elementary School, located in a modest residential area in the Texas town of Uvalde, about 135 kilometers from San Antonio. According to initial … Read more