Understand why vascular disease can get worse in winter

Winter has a close relationship with our vascular system. Blood circulation helps maintain our body temperature. To help with this maintenance, on colder days there is a narrowing of the vessels, called vasoconstriction, which affects blood flow to the extremities of the body. “In patients with compromised vascular health, certain complications may occur,” notes Dr. … Read more

Parkinson’s disease affects more adults under 50 – 7/11/2022 – Equilibrium

Although commonly associated with the elderly, approximately 10% to 20% of cases of Parkinson’s disease occur in people around 50 or even younger. So-called early-onset Parkinson’s disease is already well known in the medical literature, but the topic rose to prominence after journalist Renata Capucci, 49, told the public that she had the disease and … Read more

Good habits prevent the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease by up to 40%, according to a study

posted on 07/10/2022 07:00 (Credit: Fabio Cortez/DN/DA Press) Without a cure or treatment that addresses its causes, the Alzheimer’s disease is expected to exceed 152 million cases in less than three decades. If science does not decipher the mechanisms that lead to this progressive degeneration of the brain, it is however possible to try to … Read more

Covid-19 vaccine does not cause cancer and is not linked to shingles – 08/07/2022 – Daily life

Contrary to what the doctor claims in a video posted on Instagram, it is not true that the vaccines against Covid-19 cause cancer and other respiratory diseases. There is also no scientific evidence linking shingles cases to vaccinators, according to experts heard by the report. A a visa confirmed that to date there is no … Read more

Understanding what endometriosis is and what its symptoms are – Countries

One in ten women suffer from endometriosis in Brazil and are unaware of its existence. These are data from the Ministry of Health (MS) which, in 2021, recorded more than 26,400 consultations in the Unified Health System (SUS), and 8,000 hospitalizations for the disease recorded in the public health network. . The question was discussed … Read more

The syndrome causes the father and 3 children to have cancer; 2 have already died – 08/07/2022 – Balance and Health

In 13 years, economist Regis Feitosa Mota, 52, from Fortaleza (CE), and his three children have had 11 diagnoses of cancer associated with a hereditary syndrome little studied in Brazil. The drama began in 2009, when eldest daughter Ana Carolina, then 12, was diagnosed with acute lymphoid leukemiathe most common childhood cancer that begins in … Read more

Infarmed Grants Exceptional Clearance for US-Approved Monkeypox Vaccine | monkey pox

The National Medicines Authority (Infarmed) granted exceptional use authorization in Portugal for the smallpox vaccine approved in the United States also for monkeypox. The information is contained in the update of the guidelines of the Directorate General of Health (DGS) published this Wednesday on the clinical and epidemiological approach to cases of infection with the … Read more

What are the minerals and vitamins that boost immunity | SEG

According to Fortune Business Insights, global supplement consumption reached approximately $129.6 billion in 2021, up 8.3% from the previous year. In Brazil, according to the Brazilian Association of Food Industry for Special and Similar Purposes (ABIAD), supplements are expected to reach nearly 3 billion reais this year, registering an increase of 12%. When it comes … Read more

Technology as a key to improving the quality of life and the sustainability of health systems – Marketeer

Faced with this reality, it is essential to change the way we approach people and to define more effective models in the current context. These models should have a holistic view and be person-centred. They must be proactive, monitor with the necessary skills at all times, through more frequent and shorter interventions that support change … Read more

UPA Zona Leste warns against health care in winter | SEG

Winter dramatically increases rates of respiratory and cardiovascular disease. According to the National Heart Institute, compared to other seasons, on average, there is a 30% increase in heart attacks and a 20% increase in strokes during the June-September season. The rate of heart attacks is estimated to increase by 7% for every 10°C drop in … Read more