Monkeypox is sexually transmitted – 05/07/2022 – Esper Kallás

since the covid-19 pandemic already counted on vaccines and treatments Effective, it seemed that the management would be a more comfortable health situation in the medium term. But what many had warned has happened: another threat has arrived. We are witnessing the re-emergence of another infectious agent with the potential to cause another pandemic. Caused … Read more

Ten neighborhoods receive actions to fight dengue fever this Wednesday (6) — Araraquara Town Hall

Ten districts of Araraquara will receive this Wednesday (6) the actions of the town hall of Araraquara to fight against the Aedes aegypti mosquito and contain the dengue fever epidemic in the city. Epidemiological surveillance agents to combat endemic diseases will block mosquito breeding sites in the neighborhoods of Jardim dos Industriários, Jardim Veneza, Jardim … Read more

Brazilian Helps Create Cutting-Edge Health Tech at California University – Época Negócios

+ Jessica de Souza, the only Brazilian in a group of scientists from the University of California (Photo: Personal Archives) the advance of Technology offers unprecedented possibilities for health. Perhaps the greatest example is the development in record time of vaccines against Covid-19. But it doesn’t stop there: recently, technology has made it possible to … Read more

Technology as a key to improving the quality of life and the sustainability of health systems – Marketeer

Faced with this reality, it is essential to change the way we approach people and to define more effective models in the current context. These models should have a holistic view and be person-centred. They must be proactive, monitor with the necessary skills at all times, through more frequent and shorter interventions that support change … Read more

Jornal Médico – Vitória Cunha: Hypertension remains the second leading cause of maternal death

“About 20% of women who become pregnant have established high blood pressure (HTA), a situation that complicates 15% of these same pregnancies”, warns Vitória Cunha, secretary general of the Portuguese Society of Hypertension. In an interview with Jornal Médico, the specialist recalls that “HA continues to be the second cause of maternal mortality and is … Read more

Deli meats increase the risk of colorectal cancer – 04/07/2022 – Assessment

Hot dog at baseball games. Bacon on Sunday morning. German sausage on the barbecue. American culture is full of joyous occasions that often include eating processed meats. But, according to experts, the best thing is that this indulgence is nothing more than an occasional pleasure. “There is very compelling evidence that regular consumption of processed … Read more

Addiction to sugar, fats and carbohydrates reaches 100,000

The daily rush, quick access and more affordable prices have increased the consumption of ultra-processed foods in Brazil. However, the ease can mask the danger of addiction to sugar, fats and carbohydrates. Doctors, nutritionists and psychologists warn of the risk of this type of diet, which promotes eating disorders such as compulsion, which already affects … Read more

UPA Zona Leste warns against health care in winter | SEG

Winter dramatically increases rates of respiratory and cardiovascular disease. According to the National Heart Institute, compared to other seasons, on average, there is a 30% increase in heart attacks and a 20% increase in strokes during the June-September season. The rate of heart attacks is estimated to increase by 7% for every 10°C drop in … Read more

Winter requires double care for the breath and the heart. See Santos UPA East Area Tips

Winter increases the rates of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. According to the National Heart Institute, compared to other seasons, there is an average increase of 30% in the number of heart attacks and 20% of strokes during the season from June to September. The rate of heart attacks is estimated to increase by 7% for … Read more