With friends by the pool or at family picnics, these speakers help keep the party going

This is one of those articles that gets written (at least) once a year: Bluetooth speaker suggestions for your music — only now with the argument that it’s summer. But before your eyes roll in the back of your head, please give the models you’ll find below a chance. Not only are these devices increasingly … Read more

There are fewer and fewer excuses for not having a smartwatch or fitness tracker.

Whether to renew the gadget that you currently have on your wrist, or to (finally) take the leap towards this type of technology, this summer 2022 has excellent new reasons to choose a smartwatch or a aptitude bandaged. Some brands have chosen this period to launch products ranging from very sophisticated to very affordable, but … Read more

“Let’s go 2”. The cheapest member of the Surface laptop family just got more appetizing

When is the best date to launch a computer that is, without a doubt, a machine designed for students? In Portugal, probably just before the summer holidays. It sounds contradictory, but on second thought, it might not be. First, because we have, at this time (at least for those who work for the state or … Read more

Xiaomi 12 Pro. Performance has a new contender for leadership

Xiaomi has just made life more difficult for anyone who wants a new high-end 5G phone for their summer vacation. The new 12 Pro, which has just arrived on the Portuguese market, is not only the best smartphone that the Chinese brand has ever created, but it is also a candidate for the right choice … Read more