‘They should be banned forever’: Paddock ‘shocked’ and ‘disgusted’ by fan behavior – Formula 1

At first sight, the environment of Austrian Grand Prix visually speaking, thanks to the incredible orange wave that formed in the stands, with in particular the use of smoke to color the moment. It looked more like a Dutch football game – almost half were actually Dutch – but with all that Max Verstappen-related euphoria … Read more

Norwegian Princess Marta Luísa to Marry Controversial American Shaman | the monarchy

Ingrid Alexandra, second in line to the Norwegian throne, turned 18 in January, but only now has the anniversary been celebrated and many royal houses have been invited. However, it was not Haakon’s daughter and granddaughter of King Harold V who stood out, but her aunt, Marta Luísa. Raison? For the first time, the princess … Read more

Swedes and Chinese will launch subscription cars in Portugal in 2023 | engines

Since at least 2010, attempts have been made to bring the subscription model to the automotive market, with little success. However, in recent years, the popularization of this market logic in different industries reveals that the possession of a good is no longer a critical factor of success and that the world is starting to … Read more

Young man shot dead in 2003 ‘reappears’ in deepfake video to try to solve his own murder

With the help of a 19-year-old actor and photographer, experts managed to “reappear” a 13-year-old. The family say they hope the video will help witnesses speak to authorities and solve the crime Police in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, decided to use deepfake videos (hyperrealistic video montages created using artificial intelligence) in an attempt to solve the … Read more

Brekr Model B 2500: A ‘moped’ powered by two batteries

Brekr wants to revolutionize electric mopeds with its expansion throughout Europe, counting on an initial investment of 1.5 million euros. The Model B’s range can reach 160 km. Brekr is a startup based in Achterhoek, the Netherlands, which develops and produces devices related to personal mobility, including a kind of electric moped that stands out … Read more