THE BALL – Sainz wins the British GP (Formula 1)

Spaniard Carlos Sainz, in his 150th race in Formula 1, made his debut by winning the premier class of motorsport, winning the British Grand Prix, Round 10 of the 2022 World Cup. Son of a former world rally champion and multiple Dakar winner, the Ferrari driver, who had achieved his first pole the day before, … Read more

LE BALLON – Carlos Queiroz ‘breaks the dishes’ by leaving the national team: “I’m going to get my money face to face…” (Egypt)

Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz spoke for the first time about his departure from Egypt in April. His successor, Ehab Galal, however, was sacked two months later, and federation officials are looking for a solution, having already been linked to the names of Paulo Sousa and, more recently, Rui Vitória, after the return of Carlos himself. … Read more

BOLA – FC Porto is European champion (Billiards)

FC Porto, with a quartet made up of the Dutchman Dick Jaspers, the Spaniard Daniel Sánchez and the Portuguese Rui Manuel Costa and João Pedro Ferreira, won this Sunday for the second time in its history (after the victory in 2017) the Cup of club Europe. of Carambola (3 tables), winning in a tiebreaker by … Read more

LE BALLON – Portugal – Spain: follow the European final (Futsal) live here

21 minutes: Cross shot from Luci, in the side netting of Ana Catarina’s goal. Beginning of the second part! Portugal will rest with an advantage, but, strictly speaking… you know little. All because the corner team was clearly superior in the first 20 minutes, managing to control the initial momentum threatened by the Spanish team, … Read more

A BOLA – News and the transfer market under discussion (10:00 p.m.) (A BOLA TV)

This Sunday, July 3, you can see on your A BOLA TV (channel 13 do Meo, 31 from Vodafone and 64 from NOWO) … João José Pires, editorial coordinator, presents A SUNDAY BALL, a program where the news of FC Porto, Sporting and Benfca will be on the table, in addition to the current situation … Read more

LE BALLON – Formula E: Félix da Costa 2nd in Marrakech (Auto Race)

António Félix da Costa achieved the best result of the year in the Formula E World Championship, finishing the 10th round of the season in 2nd position, after starting it on pole, behind the Swiss driver Edoardo Mortara, of Venturi Racing, which won for the 3rd time. in 2022 and takes control of the championship. … Read more

THE BALL – Olheiro ends 15 years of relationship with the eagles: “A special word for Luís Filipe Vieira” (Benfica)

Jorge Gomes, Benfica scout for 15 years, most of whom covered football in South America and Mexico, announced on social media the end of his connection with the Eagles. “End of cycle” is the title of the publication. In the long text, the ‘scout’ points out that he has observed “hundreds of players and dozens … Read more

The delights of idleness

by Maria de Fatima Bonifaciohistorian In 2016 and the following two or three years, an unexpected interest in the RBI – Unconditional Basic Income appeared in the media, especially in the press: all people would receive from the State, for the simple fact of being born , a monthly income would be giving up work. … Read more

Stone on the way to Lula da Silva

by Aristotle Drummond The arrest last week of Lula da Silva’s accountant and his son Fábio Lulinha has created new constraints on the former president when it comes to corruption. The accountant was responsible, for more than ten years, for the tax returns of Lula and his late wife, D. Leticia. He also registered several … Read more

BOLA – Sporting defeats Benfica and becomes double national champion (Futsal)

Sporting beat Benfica, 4-3, in the third game of the play-off final, played on Saturday night at the Pavilhão João Rocha, in Lisbon, to become two-time national futsal champions. After winning the first two games, both in overtime, the lions defeat the eagles again and close the championship. At half-time the story seemed told, thanks … Read more