With friends by the pool or at family picnics, these speakers help keep the party going

This is one of those articles that gets written (at least) once a year: Bluetooth speaker suggestions for your music — only now with the argument that it’s summer. But before your eyes roll in the back of your head, please give the models you’ll find below a chance. Not only are these devices increasingly … Read more

Styes and viral conjunctivitis are common in summer. Learn to avoid – News

Eye problems such as styes and viral conjunctivitis have a higher incidence during the summer months. Ophthalmologist Leôncio Queiroz Neto, president of the Penido Burnier Institute, explains how to reduce the risk of contamination in the eye area. According to Queiroz Neto, it is important to remove makeup, cosmetics and sunscreen before going to sleep, … Read more

The Worst Shows of 2022 (So Far)

Although 2022 has already given us great films and series, not all productions released this year have been as successful as they promised – or have failed to convince us of the story portrayed. With this in mind, and taking advantage of the fact that we are already finishing the first semester, we have compiled … Read more

Find out why you’ll hate traveling this summer

Canceled flights, skyrocketing ticket prices, lack of rental cars, record fuel prices and rising hotel rates. Welcome to the summer of travel hell. Airlines say they are ready to avoid the service problems that have plagued much of the industry over the past year. But between Friday and Monday, US airlines canceled 2,653 flights, or … Read more

Acne, blemishes and irritations. How Wearing a Mask Has Affected Our Skin (and What We Can Do About It)

Daily use of a mask for two years has contributed to worsening skin damage, but the good news is that there are now several ways to control and prevent some of these problems, many of them from home, such as explain the experts to CNN Portugal. After more than two years of daily use of … Read more