Pinto da Costa reveals Mbemba asked for 7 million to stay at FC Porto

“TWe had Pepe, who is a monster, in a good way, and he will continue to be, I’m sure, also Fábio Cardoso, who was a revelation, because in all games he always flourished . And we had Mbemba, who went to the pendulum,” explained the manager of Porto. The Congolese center, however, wanted “a clean … Read more

What it is and how to prevent the virus that paralyzed singer Justin Bieber

O Well-known Canadian singer Justin Bieber, 28, recently made headlines after announcing a forced career break “for health reasons”. Later, in a video posted on the social network Instagram, the pop star revealed the reasons for the withdrawal. “As you can see on my face, I have this syndrome, called Ramsay Hunt, and this virus, … Read more

Monkey pox: Patients report bodily injuries: ‘I couldn’t even get up’

PPatients infected with monkeypox and residents of São Paulo have reported difficulty diagnosing the disease and misinformation from the medical team that treated them. As Estadão reported, the disease here followed a pattern that has already been seen in other countries and mainly affected gay and bisexual men in the capital. Three of them were … Read more

Sanjoanense clarifies the amount he receives

DAvid Carmo moved from Sporting de Braga to FC Porto in exchange for 20 million euros, plus 2.5 million per objectivehowever, Sanjoanense held 10% of the pass and released a statement on Friday to clarify the outlines of the negotiations. Luís Vargas Cruz, president of the emblem of São da Madeira, confirmed that he had … Read more

Hepatitis. “Although it is serious, it can be prevented by vaccination”

A Hepatitis is characterized by inflammation of liver cells, which can have several etiologies, such as hepatitis A, B, C, D and E viruses. Hepatitis B is considered the most dangerous and serious, affecting millions of people worldwide, and can become chronic and progress to liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. According to the World Health … Read more

Panda’s ancestor already had the wrong thumb to hold bamboo sticks

(FOLHAPRESS) – The particular anatomical transformations that led the ancestors of pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) to develop a “false thumb” exclusively dedicated to grasping bamboo stalks occurred at least 6 million years ago, indicates a new study. The discovery, made by researchers from China and the United States, indicates that the lifestyle of these bears is … Read more

Suggestions for literature. Books to read and reread this summer

PNo matter how much we want to read, sometimes the hectic pace of everyday life keeps us away from this activity. Hot days bring vacation days and more rest and also more time on the deck chair or the towel to dedicate ourselves to that book that we want to read so much. These are … Read more

Grimaldo denies having refused to play and evokes the renewal: “It is not known”

Alex Grimaldo opened the book and gave, this Sunday, a long interview to the newspaper A BOLA, in which he reviews the controversy in which he was involved during the last round of the championship for, allegedly, having refused to play against Paços de Ferreira, the Eagles’ last game of the season. Now the Spanish … Read more

At 71, Pedro still spreads the idyll with 13 wives and 44 children

He married his first wife late, in 1978, at the age of 27. The following year, he shared a roof and a bed with a second wife, before leaving with them both for Zimbabwe, fleeing the civil war which had lasted for 16 years in his country. He returned in 1987 with five women and … Read more

male pill? “Men can do something to ensure balance”

QWhen you hear about birth control methods, most of the time women have a much longer list than men. While the female public has a dozen ways to try to avoid pregnancy, the male public is, nowadays, reduced to two: condoms and vasectomy. With more studies underway and with greater – albeit reduced – investment … Read more