The government is moving forward with a calendar for the next two academic years: classes start the third week of September | Education

The Ministry of Education will advance the calendar for the next two academic years, 2022/23 and 2023/24, with “the objective of providing more predictable working conditions for schools and families”. THE the news was advanced by Jornal de Notícias based on a draft dispatch from the Ministry of Education which is consulted by the partners … Read more

The Bank of Portugal sees a risk of falling property prices | The bank of Portugal

After four months of war in Ukraine, and at a time when inflation reached the highest levels in several decades, the Banco de Portugal (BoP) raises the tone of its warnings about the risks to financial stability. Among the main risks now is the possibility of a “significant correction in prices in the residential real … Read more

Former Tarantini player becomes a football pioneer after completing his doctorate | Education

Former footballer Tarantini became on Tuesday the first professional sports athlete in Portugal to obtain the university degree of doctor. The 38-year-old former midfielder, who became famous in the service of Rio Ave, and who, after ending his career, in 2021 assumed the position of assistant coach of the Famalicão team, of the I Liga, … Read more

Bill Cosby Convicted of Sexual Assault Again — Now of a Minor | Me too

California court jury trying comedian Bill Cosby found him guilty of sexual assault on A teen at the Playboy Mansion in 1975, proving Judy Huth right and its complaint of more than four decades. The conclusion of the trial and civil case was made public on Tuesday evening, Lisbon time, and it is his second … Read more

Norwegian Princess Marta Luísa to Marry Controversial American Shaman | the monarchy

Ingrid Alexandra, second in line to the Norwegian throne, turned 18 in January, but only now has the anniversary been celebrated and many royal houses have been invited. However, it was not Haakon’s daughter and granddaughter of King Harold V who stood out, but her aunt, Marta Luísa. Raison? For the first time, the princess … Read more

Colombia: Election of the first left-wing president | Colombia

Gustavo Petro was elected the first left-wing president in Colombia’s history on Sunday, winning 50.47% of the vote in the second round of elections, according to official results. His opponent, the millionaire Rodolfo Hernándezobtained 47.27% of the vote, a difference of nearly 700,000 votes, according to the results published by the National Register, responsible for … Read more

“Game of Thrones”: a series on Jon Snow with Kit Harington is in the pipes | TV

The North American channel HBO is preparing a series derived from A war of two thrones centered on the character of Jon Snow, one of the most beloved viewers and whose point of view is the backbone of the literary saga. Among the many projects related to the universe of The Chronicles of Ice and … Read more

WHO asks to change the name of monkeypox, but the official decision belongs to another entity | Virus

The World Health Organization will move forward with the request to change the names of the virus and monkeypox variants. The information was provided by BBCfollowing the announcement of the emergency meeting scheduled for next week, where they will discuss whether this outbreak is an international emergency. Despite the advancement of World Health Organization (WHO), … Read more

Kim Kardashian wore the millionaire Marilyn Monroe dress at the Met Gala. And ruined it | Fashion

A socialite and influencer he returned Marilyn Monroe’s dress with the fabric torn, stones missing and others hanging by a thread. “My heart is breaking,” said ChadMichael Morrisette, a visual artist who observed the damage this Sunday while the piece was on display at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! on Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles. Morrisette, … Read more

Monkeypox: WHO recommends vaccination of high-risk contacts and healthcare workers | Health

On the same day that the European Union announces the purchase of more than 100,000 doses of vaccines against monkeypox, the World Health Organization recommends the administration of vaccines to at-risk contacts and to health professionals or disease diagnostic technicians. The position is incorporated into an interim guidance for the vaccination strategy released on Tuesday. … Read more