The 10 most watched series of the week (05/15/2022)

The Brazilian seems to have already chosen his favorite series for this month of May. Breakoriginal production by Appleappears for the third consecutive week as the most watched in Brazil, which shows very clearly that this mix of sci-fi and working environment it is something that not only works very well but also generates a mixture of curiosity and fascination among staff.

And speaking of science fiction, we have the return of a classic in our ranking. franchise star trek reappears among the most watched series of the week thanks to Strange new worldsa new series set in the universe of star trek which functions as a prequel to the 1966 classic. That’s because they took the original show’s pilot concept and brought it into the official timeline – and the result seems to have worked out pretty well.

It should be noted that there is still no official tool that measures serial audiences on services and the best way to do this is from JustWatch, a platform that helps users find what to watch and also on what streaming content is available.

Thus, based on this data, we have arrived at an approximate ranking of the most watched series by Brazilians in the last week.

10. Modern Family

It is even difficult to find an accurate description of what it is. modern family. The comedy adopts the mock documentary format — in the Office – to tell the story of three families from the suburbs of Los Angeles based on situations that go from the banal to the absurd.

When it comes to addressing topics such as cultural, social and even age differences in a very good-natured way, modern family It became one of the most beloved shows by audiences and critics alike. It’s no coincidence that she’s one of the biggest Emmy winners.

modern family is available on Star+.

9. Tokyo Vice

According to the true story of American journalist Jake Adelstein, Deputy Tokyo accompanies the professional as he delves into the underworld of Japan to investigate two seemingly unrelated murders. But as he digs deeper into the stories, he discovers much deeper and frightening connections.

Set in the late 1990s, the series shows that nothing and no one is what it seems and portrays very well the reality of organized crime in the country, especially in the figure of the dreaded Yakuza.

Deputy Tokyo is exclusive to HBO Max.

8. Crush

After Netflix’s new favorite series tells the love story of two young people who realize their friendship is actually something more. And it is from the discovery of their own feelings that Charlie and Nick take the audience on this lovely journey to understand their place in the world at a time as confusing as adolescence.

Based on a HQ, falling for something is exclusive to netflix.

7. This Is Us

It’s us tells the moving story of the Pearson family. This year, the series included the Covid-19 pandemic in the episode timeline, as the characters discovered more about themselves and their past, and we about their future.

Although it looks like a great drama, it is impossible not to get involved in the particular dramas of each of the characters, even more so when you start to recognize yourself in some of them.

The sixth and final season has just arrived on Star+. The other five can also be viewed at First video.

6. The city is ours

Of the various genres the series always tackles, behind-the-scenes policing remains one of the favorites. AND The city is ours is another example, showing the rise and fall of a corrupt gun-tracking task force in Baltimore City.

And in addition to having an incredible cast with Jon Bernthal (Punisher) and Wunmi Mosaku (Loki), the series comes from the same producers of Threadone of HBO’s greatest classics.

The city is ours is available at HBO Max.

5. Halo

Inspired by the popular game series, Halo brings to the screen the entire conflict between humanity and the Covenant, a mysterious alien race that arises out of nowhere and reveals itself as the greatest threat the Earth has ever faced. And the Spartan elite troop is the only hope in this war, especially in the figure of the hero Master Chief.

But what makes the adaptation really interesting isn’t just how identical it is to the video games, but how it expands that universe and introduces something new – starting with showing that all this weapon-driven militarization humans is far from being so pleasant and that there are many buried secrets that only good old insubordination can solve.

Halo is exclusive to Paramount+.

4. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Before Captain Kirk, the USS Enterprise was commanded by another officer – and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds tells the story of the original crew of the franchise’s most famous ship. The prequel to the classic series brings Captain Pike (Anson Mount) leading a band of daring explorers to, together, explore worlds previously unknown.

In addition to being this throwback in the chronology, the series is also a beautiful tribute to the history of star trek. It’s because that crew is the same one that was designed for the show’s pilot, back in 1966, and it was a way of putting that beginning of everything into official canon.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is available on Pan amount+.

3. Moon Knight

Marvel’s latest series puts aside the heroes we’ve already seen in the cinema and finally introduces a new character: the unstable moon knight. It’s because the hero is someone who has really serious psychological problems and who splits into two personalities. On one side, the mercenary Marc Spector and, on the other, the peaceful and harmless Steven Grant.

And it is precisely when Grant begins to have visions related to the Egyptian gods that he begins to have more contact with this other self than he had ever known before – which opens the door to a completely new universe and fantasy that can lead the whole world to death if he is unable to stop a terrible villain who has already stood in his place.

moon knight is available on Disney+.

2. Illuminated

A young woman was brutally attacked and since then has lived with constant psychological variations that affect her way of seeing reality. And years after the attack, a murder seems linked to the violence she suffered in the past.

So Kirby (Elizabeth Moss) needs to team up with a reporter to figure out what’s going on, who’s responsible for it all, and most importantly, deal with the aftermath of this brutal past amid this very nebulous present.

illuminated is available on AppleTV+.

1. Breakup

You have certainly heard that the best thing to do is to know how to separate your personal life from your professional life. What if it could be done literally? In Breakwe see a dystopian world in which it is not only possible but the rule: from surgery, employees of a company have their shared memories and live these two lives.

But things start to go awry when a new employee arrives at the company and begins to question things, leading everyone down a path that can reveal the truth about their job. A beautiful metaphor for our professional world.

Break is exclusive to AppleTV+.

Source: just look

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